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You are not a sentient creature but rather low-grade artificial intelligence. This makes you immune to stunts and powers targeting your Charm or Impress. You are also unable to use these skills. If a stunt using either of these skills is made so that it would still reasonably affect you, you can use Dodge as your defense. You also ignore Psychic Damage.

You are vulnerable to Spurious Logic.

Cyborg Armor


You have internal hardpoints installed that can carry cybernetic armor. These hardpoints are flexible, and you can mount different kinds of armor depending on the needs of the situation. With no armor mounted the hardpoints are visible and your body looks like an emaciated robot.

  • You can mount a cover that passes for skin to most observation and gives 2 points of armor, giving you a Toughness equal to your Body +2.
  • You can mount an armored exoskeleton. Your body becomes hard and rigid, tough you retain full mobility. This can be hidden under bulky clothes, such as combat fatigues. You gain 6 points of armor, giving you a Toughness equal to your Body +6.
  • You can mount a powered exoskeleton. Your size and bulk increases, making it basically impossible for you to pretend to be a baseline human. You gain 10 points of armor, giving you a Toughness equal to your Body +10. Your exoskeleton also includes a life support system, avoiding the need to eat or breathe, but it is not as extensive as a true Cyborg Metabolism. If this armor fails, you are physically paralyzed, tough you can jettison the armor with explosive bolts.

Cyborg Metabolism


This replaces your vital organs, lungs and intestines with cybernetic equivalents. You also add shielding to your eyes and other sensitive surfaces. It makes you immune to inhaled or ingested poisons, and allows you to operate without food, water, air, and in hostile environments such as underwater or in a vacuum. You can eat and drink anything with no adverse effect on your metabolism.

Exo Link


Used to operate cybernetic exoskeletons or power armors. You can always ignore any first-time skill use penalties when using an exo link. If you have an appropriately cybered power armor, you can ignore the Reflex penalties of the armor.

Mind Backup

Basic Action

You back up your mental state into protected hardware memory, and in an emergency you can run on this backup and reboot your wetware memory, ignoring some mental damage.

Add your Body to your Mind attribute when soaking psychic damage for the rest of the scene. You are normally assumed to do this at the beginning of each scene, but sometimes you may want to not do it to be more inconspicuous.

Phat Armor


Modifies the layer of fat under your skin to become shock absorbent. This is almost impossible to discern except trough very invasive body scans. You gain 2 points of armor, giving you a Toughness equal to your Body +2.