Dodge Spiritual (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Insubstantial Form


You are not fully material. Physical attacks find it very hard to do damage to you, doing damage based on the attacker's spirit rather than brute force. Such attacks do damage equal to the Mind of the attacker, ignoring all bonuses. You are immune to the side effects of such damage, such as knockback, shot loss, or burn. Damage and effects based on Force affect you normally.

Physical damage that is not directed by a creature, such as that caused by mechanical traps or accidents, lacks a spiritual component and does not hurt you at all.

Select a kind of attacks that can penetrate your resistance or a condition when it will not work; typical examples include attacks based on a specific subtype of the damage type you are resistant to (such as Disruption/ Fire), weapons made of (or incorporating) certain materials (such as silver), or under particular circumstances (such as in daylight).

This is often coupled with the Incorporeal limitation.

Physical Resistance


Your other-worldly nature makes you resistant to physical damage. Add your Mind to your soak attribute against physical damage.

Plead for Resistance

Basic Action

Select one Damage Type. Add your Mind to your soak attribute against this type of damage for the rest of the scene. You can only become resistant to one type of damage this way, if you use this power again, any earlier resistance granted by this power ends.


Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this after you have been attacked, increasing your Dodge by +3 against this particular attack. If the target is a supernatural creature and hits you with an attack, he loses one shot from his shot counter. An unnamed target instead loses his next action. These include Air Elementals, Earth Elementals, Electric Elementals, Fire Elementals, Water Elementals, Plant Elementals, Ice Elementals, Demons, Devils, Angels, Virtues, Aberrations, Spectres, and Undead.