Dodge Psi (Action Powers)

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Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Mental Bastion


You create an immobile defensive sphere with a diameter equal to your Mind in meters. In this area, you and allies can use your Dodge skill instead of the normal Charm, Dodge, Impress, and Maneuver skills for defense. Whenever the difficulty of an opponent's stunt depends on one of these skills, you can use your Dodge skill as the difficulty if that would be higher.

You also ward the area against teleportation. Any attempt to Teleport into or out of the area has a minimum difficulty equal to your Dodge; if the Outcome was less than your Mind the teleport succeeded, but made an awful noise and dazed the teleporter(s), giving you a surprise round if combat has not started or costing them three shots if it has. You can allow friends to teleport normally.

Mind Over Matter

Trigger Action (Defense)

Use this when attacked. Increase your Dodge by +3 for the current shot, and you will not take a Damage Setback unless the damage of the attack equals or exceeds your Mind +10.

Psychic Sacrifice

Trigger Action

When a willing ally who you touch or who is within reach takes one or more Hits, you can use this power to take one Hit of that damage for them.

Share Resistance

Basic Action

Select one Damage Type a willing person you are touching is resistant to. For the rest of the scene, add your Mind to your soak attribute against this type of damage. You can only become resistant to one type of damage this way.