Dodge Dark (Action Powers)

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Templates for Action
Main article: Dodge (Action Powers)

Black Hole

Trigger Action (Defense)

When you take Disruption, Energy, or Physical damage, you can shunt incoming energies into nothingness, adding your Mind to your Body or Toughness against one specific attack.

Dark Focus

Trigger Action (Focus)

You can focus when you take Enervation damage. Whenever you are hit by such an attack or subject to harmful amounts of energy, you can focus. The damage need not be sufficient to cause a Hit or otherwise have an effect on you. You can also focus when in complete darkness.

Eater of Sin

Trigger Action (Defense)

You can take the failures of others upon yourself. When an ally within Dodge meters suffers a Setback or is Stymied, you can negate that condition, but you suffer a Setback yourself. You cannot negate Hits from damage or Damage Setbacks. When an ally within range gives up an Advantage, Loses Shots you can negate this, but you take a Hit. At the GM's discretion, you can absorb other similar conditions as they occur.