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Knowledge Stone

Limit Break

You imbue a stone with the ability to sense and store information. You need a man-size chunk of stone, a fist-sized rock crystal, or a tiny gem to enchant it this way. To interact with a knowledge stone requires concentration, even when just communicating. To someone passing by or ignoring it, a knowledge stone is inert. An knowledge stone can be set to twinkle or buzz to attract attention.

There are four ways to use a knowledge stone. The first is as a recording device useful as a camera or for spying. By leaving a knowledge stone in a location and instructing it to record, you can later return or retrieve the stone to watch what happened in its vicinity. Second, you can set it as a display, showing a message to anyone. The third is as an information storage device; recording and retrieving information like a a journal or library would. The fourth is as a communication device; by attuning (a separate Limit Break when holding two Knowledge Stones) it becomes possible to communicate verbally and visually.

Peace on Earth

Limit Break

Age of
One Day 12
One Week 14
One Month 16
One year 18
A decade 20
A century 22
A millennium 24
Ten millennia 26
You can end the effects of other powers. You can only dispel powers you know of (though a vague description, such as "whatever is making Bert turn green" is ok). You can try to dispel a single Finisher, Limit Break, or any power that has been in effect for a week or more, or you can try to dispel all powers except those mentioned above on one creature or in an area with a diameter equal to your Mind. When dispelling several powers at once, you can choose to ignore some of them as long as you know of each power you want to make an exception for.

A power that has been dispelled cannot be used again by that creature in this scene, and another creature that tries to use the same power in the same general area must match your Know with the stunt the power is used with, or it fails.

This will not negate a Curse, but will tell you how to defeat the curse if the roll is successful.

Inherent powers cannot be dispelled.

The difficulty is the skill of the most skilled creature involved in making the effect. Effects that have been around a long time are harder to dispel: see the table. Use the highest relevant difficulty.

You can dispel any power of the Earth form or which otherwise affects solid objects (not creatures) or an earth elemental creature.

Stone Stance

Limit break

Select one stance when you use this power. That stance remains active for you until the next time you use this power, with no shot cost at the start of an action scene.

This is a meta-power that affects other powers. In some campaign worlds there is a strong Origin Divide among different origins. Check with your GM regarding your campaign. Origins that are opposed cannot cannot be modified by meta-powers; it is as if powers from the opposing origin was actually a schtick rather than a power.

Visions of Stone

Limit Break

You protect a location floored or enclosed in stone with a radius up to your Know in meters. Anyone trying to detect or remotely sense the area gets only a vision of the stone in the area unless they score an Outcome on their skill roll matching your Know.

The effect is permanent.