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A bard with a focus on creating artworks rather than on performance. An artiste inspires by making sketches and artworks. During adventures you make sketches such as drawings, clay models, stick figures, or wire frames, that you then turn into artworks once you have the time. The artiste learns magic to create artworks but also to change the world to be more like the artiste's artistic vision.

Bonus Proficiencies

When you become an artiste at 3rd level, you gain proficiency with two types of artisan's tools of your choice. If you wish, you can now exchange musical instrument proficiencies for an equal number of artisan's tool proficiencies.

Inspiration of the Eternal

Also at 3rd level, a creature you inspires feels the the prospect of eternal fame by being included in future art. When a creature uses your bardic inspiration die, they also gain temporary hit points equal to the result of the bardic inspiration die roll. These temporary hit points last 10 minutes.

Artisan's Spells

Add the following spells to your spell list. Each time when you select your first spell known for a certain spell level, you must choose a spell from the conjuration, illusion, or transformation schools or from this list.

Cantrips Control Flames, Mending, Minor illusion, Mold Earth, Shape Water.
Level 1 spells Color Spray, False Life, Silent Image
Level 2 spells Continual Flame, Phantasmal Force
Level 3 spells Clairvoyance, Daylight, Major Image
Level 4 spells Control Water, Sickening Radiation, Stone shape
Level 5 spells Creation, Dawn, Wall of Stone
Level 6 spells Bones of the Earth, Heroes' Feast, Move Earth
Level 7 spells Crown of Stars, Sequester, Simulacrum
Level 8 spells Control Weather, Illusory Dragon, Sunburst
Level 9 spells Astral Projection, Time Stop, Wish


At 6th level,

Art Made Real

Starting at 14th level, when you cease concentrating on a spell, you can make a terrain feature of the illusion real. The illusion must not have been disbelieved by anyone when you do this. The terrain can cover up to one 5 ft. square per bard level, and it can involve terrain, statuary, buildings, wall and floor decorations, plants, and other inanimate, stationary matter.

Designer's Notes

An attempt to expand the bard out of the performer role.

See Also

If you create something with a gold piece value, such as a building, that matter is not permanent but lasts one day per caster level. Such matter is magical and can be dispelled. Truly permanent matter created this way cannot be dispelled.