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Unofficial rules compendium

Apath is Abbe's sandbox for Pathfinder rules and ideas.


Classes and Archetypes

Full BAB ¾ BAB ½ BAB


  1. Giant Weapon Wielder
  2. http://hastur.net/wiki/Automatons_(Apath)
  3. http://hastur.net/w/index.php?title=Clockmaster_(Apath)
  4. http://hastur.net/wiki/Spiral_Monk_(Apath)
  5. http://hastur.net/wiki/Animal_Style_(Apath)
  6. http://hastur.net/wiki/Thearch_(Apath)
  7. http://hastur.net/wiki/Transforming_Beast_(Apath)
  8. http://hastur.net/wiki/Animal_Style_(Apath)

Shapeshifters of Porphyra


  1. http://hastur.net/wiki/Rage_Druid_(Apath)
  2. http://hastur.net/wiki/Fell_Ranger_(Apath)
  3. http://hastur.net/wiki/Monster_Rager_(Apath)


  1. http://hastur.net/wiki/Serker_(Apath)
  2. http://hastur.net/wiki/Were_Lord_(Apath)


  1. http://hastur.net/wiki/Primeval_(Apath)
  2. http://hastur.net/wiki/Sorcerer_(Apath)#Shapeshifter_Bloodline


  1. Philosopher
  2. Purple Duck Prestige Archetypes
  3. Prestige Classes Worth Archetyping (Apath)

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