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A place for house rules and rulings, made for the Isle of Woe campaign.



House Rules

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I have annotated copies of the rule books. Check out the PDFs to see my notes.


Delay When using initiative, a character can delay their action, which moves them to a lower position in the initiative order.

Minions Minions (familiars, hirelings, animal companions, summons) act on their controllers initiative. The master can delay to act after a minion, but the two actions cannot be intermingled. If the master delays until after another creature's turn, the minions must do so too.


Taking out and using a potion on yourself is a bonus action. Doing it for someone else is an action, either taking it from their gear, applying it to them, or both.

Using Magic Items

I like it when the user matters more than the item.

  • A magic item always uses your save DC and Spell Attack Bonus. If you lack such values, use the values listed in the item description.
  • A magic item cannot do more dice of damage than the user's level.

Proficient Help

If you are proficient with a skill or tool, you can always use the Help action. If you lack proficiency, you need to convince the GM of how you are helping.


Raising the dead is not a matter of a simple spell, it is an epic adventure and most often fails spectacularly, resulting in an undead creature. As a balance against this, death doesn't happen lightly. PCs only die if the player thinks the death makes sense in the story, and even NPCs die more rarely than in other campaigns, that is only if the GM feels it fits the story.

Milestone Leveling

We use milestone leveling, that is all PCs level when the GM says they do. All PCs are always of the same level.

Earlier Editions

D&D 3.5Apath4E

World of Greyhawk

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