Telepathic Message (4E)

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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

This is a ritual description page for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Telepathic Message

You put your heads together and temporarily break the wall between minds.
Level: 7 Component Cost: 80 gp
Category: Exploration Market Price: 500 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana (no check)
Duration: Variable

All participants in the ritual can communicate telepathically with each other up to a range in miles equal to your Charisma. Sometomes, it is possible for someone to send telepathic messages that the other's can'r reply to because of insufficient Charisma. This telepathy is equivalent to speech, but cannot be eavesdropped on and is completely silent.

The duration depends on the result of the Arcana check.

Arcana Check Result Duration
9 or lower 1 hour
10-19 4 hours
20-29 8 hours
30-39 16 hours
40 or higher 24 hours