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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe your understanding of technology lets you access magical powers.

Prerequisite: Trained in Technology.

Benefit: You gain the Create and Divine arcana. You can use Create to create electronic devices, which is normally not possible.

You can create devices to empower your spells, using Engineering. First, make a Wealth check with a Purchase DC of 16 to acquire the raw materials, then make an Engineering check (DC 25), spending 24 hours. If you succeed, you create a device that grants a +2 equipment bonus to the magical skill of your choice. If you find a device created by another technomage, you must adapt it before you can use it, but this requires only a Purchase DC 12 check, and a Craft DC 20 check over the course of 12 hours.

Rituals: A technomancy ritual must be accompanied by some sort of effect created by a computer, requiring a Computer Use check (DC 5 + ½ spell level).

Mishaps: Technological devices in your possession break, requiring an appropriate Craft check (DC 5 less than the Craft check to create the item) to repair.

Modern Horror

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