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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

The divine arcana gives you knowledge, of the present, past, and possible future. Divine spells normally grant knowledge to you, but you could choose to have the knowledge be given to anyone within range.

Divine Enhancements

  • Dowse (+1). Choose some type of object or substance, such as water, gold, magic, or evil, or a broad group of creatures, like humans or cats. For the spell’s duration you can concentrate for one round to determine the direction to the nearest significant quantity of that substance (what counts as ‘significant’ depends on the substance), regardless of range. If there are several different things of the chosen type within 60 ft., you are aware of roughly how many there are, and can concentrate on each one by one to determine its location. Once you are aware of specific items that are close, you can choose to ignore them and sense only further away items.
  • Dowse, Improved (+5). Choose a specific object or creature, instead of a general type.
  • Knowledge (+1). Choose an Intelligence-based skill. Affected creatures gain a +1 enhancement bonus to checks with that skill. You may choose this enhancement multiple times. This bonus does not apply to spellcasting checks using Metaphysics.
  • Perception (+1). Choose a Wisdom-based skill. Affected creatures gain a +2 enhancement bonus to checks with that skill. You may choose this enhancement multiple times.
  • Precognition (+5). You get a flash of insight into the future of a creature or object within range, seeing vaguely anything important that will happen in the next hour. If you ask a specific question of whether a specific event will occur, you learn about how likely that event was to happen. Of course, the very fact that you got the information may change whether the event occurs.
  • Precognition, Improved (+10). Your precognition extends up to a day in the future. The further away the event is, however, the more vague it is.
  • Precognition, Greater (+15). Your precognition extends a month into the future.
  • Reading (+1). You learn the general nature of a creature or object within range, slowly getting more information the longer you concentrate. The target is allowed a Will save to resist. You can concentrate on another target at any time, but must start over from the first round of reading.
    • 1st round. You get a sense of any types of auras the target may have — magical, allegiance-based, intense emotions, or recent trauma.
    • 2nd round. You sense the strength of those auras — dim, faint, moderate, strong, or overwhelming.
    • 3rd round. You sense the specific nature of those auras, learning what type of magic, what specific allegiances, and what sort of emotions created the aura.

Spellcasters with tradition feats have magical auras. A spell’s level determines the power of its aura, and the magica rating determines the strength of the character’s aura.

This spell only reveals magical, emotional, and spiritual auras, not physical traits. You cannot use it to determine if a gun is loaded, or a door is trapped, for instance.

Table: Aura Strength
Spell Level/MR Aura Strength
1 Dim
2–5 Faint
6–11 Moderate
12–20 Strong
21+ 24 Overwhelming

If you read an overwhelming aura of any sort, make a Will save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1 round.

  • Reading, Improved (+4). You get a fuller sense of a creature or object within range. The target is allowed a Will save to resist. If it fails, you get all the information from three rounds of the reading enhancement above, plus you receive impressions of events in the object’s past, starting with the most prominent in the first round, then an additional one each round you concentrate. These impressions are indistinct, like watching a movie trailer in fast forward. You can see at most a year into the past. For +1 level you can see a decade in the past. For +2 levels you can see a century in the past. Each additional level increases the timespan by a factor of ten.

Remote Viewing

You concentrate on a creature or location, and can see and hear what is going on there. You see an approximately 20-ft. radius, and creatures in your line of sight can make an Intelligence check (DC 20) to notice, though those unfamiliar with clairvoyance will most likely only have a sense they are being watched. Those familiar with divination will recognize the sensation.

The level depends on how far away the target is, and how familiar you are with it.

Target Familiarity Level
Within sight. +1
Familiar (you know the target well). +4
Firsthand (you have met the subject/been to the location). +5
Second hand (you have heard of the target or have an object of the target). +8
None (only hunch, rumor, or vague description). +10
Distance to Target Level
Within 800 ft. +0
Same world +2
Different world +5

If you have a specially-prepared object to focus your remote viewing (Purchase DC 15), you can have the remote viewing be projected through that object, allowing others to see and hear what you do.

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