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The Vast

Baron Soffledit: A local potentate. Although aging and growing fat he is still a warrior of considerable skill. When in a grand mood he likes to call himself King rather than Baron.

Waukeen: The goddess of trade and merchants.

Chauntea: The Goddess of bountiful harvests and farming

Umberlee: The Bitch Queen. Insane and powerful goddess of the sea.

Torm: The god of justice and righteous battles.

Orcus: The Demon-God of undead. Although a minor deity at best he is vile enough to cause trouble far more than his divine status might imply at first glance.

Tasha: A female werewolf. Surly but quite pretty in her human form. She is no friend of the demon cult.

Marissa: A paladin of Torm. Former captive of the cult of Orcus.

Stranko the Ripper: Serial killer and rapist. Split in twain by Jaden.

Rabid Marsden: Robber and murderer. Slain by Said.

Eric: Orcus-worshiping wizard cut to gory ribbons and chewed upon by Said and Tasha.

Zarrr: Bugbear priest opposed to the Orcus cult. Caught in a Fireball from Jaden during Battles in the dark

Bjorg: Dwarven master smith rescued from the Orcus cult during Battles in the dark, died from Delayed Blast Fireball during Death Below.