Characters (The Vast)

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The Vast

These are the heroes of The Vast:

Rob Moonstone: A hulking moon elf warrior from the northern lands. More than just a few drops of giant blood in his heritage makes this axe-wielding fighter tower over his companions.

Jaden: A duskblade native to The Vast. A powerful fighting man and a spell caster of rising power. His claymore matches his magics in destructive capability. Died from a Delayed Blast Fireball during Death Below

Said Al-Jassirah: This calishite assassin is far from home. Dreadlocks, scimitar and kukri are his trademarks.

Legolars Dorkar: A surly but kind-hearted wood elf from the Silver Marches. Ace archer and hunter. Slain by Orcus-cultist Wizard's Fireball during Death and Blizzard

Brother Gates: A native to The Vast and a priest of Waukeen. Heavily armoured, wise in the ways of commerce and very principled.

Rista: Another native to The Vast. Like Brother Gates she comes from a merchant family, is a cleric and wears heavy armour. Unlike Brother Gates she is a woman and a priestess of Chauntea.

Alert Beerbeard: A dwarven warrior on sightseeing who joined the band when accosted by a bunch of zombies.

Kane: Half-orc druid. A local. Surly type who strongly disapproves of all these undead causing trouble on his turf.