Death Below

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The Vast

Gates and Alert clear away rubble from the entry tunnel.

Said and Rob scout ahead. Lots of cultists in a great hall behind a portcullis. The cultists (orcs, bugbears, humans and ogres) suddenly leave.

Prismatic Wall blocks off the heroes from upper paths.

Bjorg constructs a ballista and missiles in the smithy, in preparation for coming attack.

Heroes explain underground lake on lowest level, finding an Evil Thing att he bottom. Preparations are made to destroy yt.

Alarm spell is set off after several hours. Rista, Jaden and Rob rush to the previously blocked off stairs. Wall-to-wall with armoured zombies are coming! Using Fireballs and Turn Undead many undead are slain.

Suddenly, from the smoke and dust, The Master fires! A Delayed Blast Fireball vaporises Bjorg and Jaden!

Survivors feel down to avoid more magic barrage and block all and every door they can behind them.

The Evil Thing (an enchanted Chaotic Evil skull carved out of a single giant ruby) is dredged out of the lake and crushed, putting an end to the magical evil influence on local waterways allowing for demons to act with some impunity in the region.

With the water no longer poisoned by evil, Rob dives to find an outflow to use as escape tunnel. A path is found and after a harrowing swim in murky waters the surviving heroes make it out of the underground.

Thus ends this rather short episode.