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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You have studied the magic of death — from Egyptian tombs, South American skulls, or vaults beneath Spanish cathedrals — and you believe you have power over the dead.

Benefit: You gain the Attack, Charm, Divine, and Summon as class skills. Your Attack spells deal death damage.

You can only cast Charm to control the dead, Divine spells to gain knowledge from the dead, and Summon spells to raise undead. You gain a +1 bonus to spellcasting checks for these Charm, Divine, and Summon spells. When using this tradition, you gain the benefits of the Command Undead feat.

‘The dead’ include spirits and undead, and you can also charm creatures that have a bonded spirit as if the creature itself were a spirit, though that creature receives a +4 bonus to its saves.

Rituals: Necromantic rituals typically involve bones, which must somehow be associated with the effect of the ritual or its target. Bones that are not specially chosen incur a –2 penalty to spellcasting checks in the ritual.

Mishaps: An undead creature with a challenge rating equal to the spell’s level begins to stalk you. It may immediately attack, or it may take its time. Alternately, this could be numerous undead with an EL equal to the spell level.

Modern Horror

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