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Summon spells bring creatures to assist you. The creatures might be created by magic or ectoplasm, summoned from another dimension, or called from the local wildlife. The strength of the creature you summon depends on the spell level. Summoned creatures arrive indifferent if non-intelligent, or unfriendly if intelligent. You may attempt to negotiate with summoned creatures, or you can choose the Obedient enhancement.

The creature arrives immediately when you complete the spell, but the creature is dazed for one round. Thereafter it acts on the initiative count at which it was summoned. However, if you roll a natural 20 on your spellcasting check to cast a Summon spell, the summoned creature can act immediately; it doesn’t arrive dazed.

Summon Enhancements

  • Summon Creature (Varies). The cost in spell levels to summon a creature is 1 + the creature’s Challenge Rating, rounded down. So to summon a CR 6 skinhusker would cost +7 levels.
  • Obedient Summon (Varies). Summoned creatures are completely loyal, though they may resent being summoned. If you can communicate with them, they will obey your orders. Otherwise, they will simply act to defend you and attack those who endanger you. This enhancement doubles the normal cost in levels of summoning a creature, so summoning an obedient CR 6 skinhusker would cost +14 levels.

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