Miasma of Shadows (4E)

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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

This is a ritual description page for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Miasma of Shadows

With a dramatic gesture, you open your cloak, and a dark fog envelops the area.
Level: 3 Component Cost: 150 gp
Category: Deception Market Price: 250 gp
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: 4 hours

A dark miasma with faint starlets floating in it spreads out to cover the area. The entire area becomes dimly lit regardless of the earlier level of light and the miasma offers light obscurement. A creature has total concealment against you if 5 or more lightly obscured squares stand between you and it (including the nearest square of the creature’s space). Closer creatures have concealment, but not total concealment.

The area affected is a close burst with a radius depending on the Arcana check that created it. The area is immobile once created. You can choose to affect a smaller area if desired.

Arcana Check Result Size of the Close Burst
9 or lower Close burst 2
10-19 Close burst 20
20-29 Close burst 200 (300 yard radius)
30-39 Close burst 2,000 (2 mile radius)
40 or higher Close burst 20,000 (20 mile radius)