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Lilith Fury is a paladin of The Stormlord, but she is a Marine first and is more interested in fighting evil than doing good. She is tall, beautiful eand athletic with white hair and yellow eyes. Like all her relatives she bears some resemblance to a wolf, as evidenced by her pointed lupine ears and eyes. Her pride and joy is her customized M14 Hardsuit which she calls Zeke.


Lilith grew up on the frozen world of Frostfall in a clan of werewolves. Her father is the infamous NathanFury, a commander in the WhiteHowlers, HoseAltaras werewolf terror unit.

Lilith Fury could feel the call of the wild and was as savage as any of the children she grew up with, but she refused to succumb to her animal nature. Her father knew that once the Change affected her, she would outgrow her youthful foolishness and become and evil like the rest of the pack. In time, she would join the WhiteHowlers as a werewolf blackguard.

As she grew older, it became apparent that Lilith was a paladin and thus immune to the Change (1) and a disgrace to her family. In the manner of wolves, she was cast out from the pack. She knows wolves as savage and noble creatures, but she has seen too many of her relatives turn to evil after the Change to feel anything but hatred for lupines.

The Church of The Stormlord realized her potential and trained her as a paladin. Like many paladins of the Stormlord, she choose to join the Marine Corps.

Medals and Badges

  • Silver Skull, 3rd class
  • Marine Combat Badge (commendation)
  • Campaign Medal (Marine Expeditionary Medal)
  • Expert Badge: Rifleman
  • Expert Badge: PAC
  • Expert Badge: Recon

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