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The M14 Marine hardsuit is designed for combat in low gravity, vacuum and hostile environments. It is similar to the Janagal hardsuit described in Imperial Supply, but it lacks the specialized sensor systems that make the Jangala so effective in jungle terrain. It is designed with integrated sealed capabilities, resulting in a significant weight reduction.

The suit is extremely mobile. It is equipped with clawed hands and feet, which allows the operator to hold position in a tree, on a cliff face or a spaceship hull. An advanced sensor suite includes the capabilities of binoculars, aimpoint sight, personal communicator, and digital mapbox. Active Camouflage and thermal masking capabilities give a stealth profile similar to that of an intrusion suit.

The design allows for integral weaponry which can be linked to the suits fire control system. The suit has attachment points and integrated controls for the standard Marine Jump Pack.

The suit provides a +4 upgrade bonus to Strength, with a minimum Strength of 16 for the small hardsuit and 18 for the medium-sized hardsuit. It gives a +4 circumstance bonus on Hide and a +8 circumstance bonus on climb. It does not suffer any armor penalty to Balance, Climb, Freefall, Hide, Jump and Move Silently checks. The suit counts as medium armor for movement purposes.

The operator has a base speed of 40 and gains a climbing movement speed of 20. The suit has a hardness of 5, and this protection is applied to the operator. The suit provides sealed capabilities and can function self-contained for 48 hours. The suit itself has an endurance of 72 hours and is powered by a heavy energy cell.

The clawed hands and feet can be used as weapons (damage 1d4/1d6, 19/x2 crit). The gauntlets, boots and other parts of the suit can strike can strike for the same amount of subdual damage (20/x2 crit, bludgeoning), but these attacks count as unarmed.

Since the suit is a powered exoskelton, the weight of the suit itself does not count towards encumbrance. See the Power Armor Kit for details. This does not apply to upgrades.


Light weapons can be built into the suit, but larger weapons must be mounted externally. In general, integrated weapons have the same cost and weight as a normal weapon. They can not be used without the suit unless converted by an armorer. Sample upgrades are listed below.

Upgrade Cost Weight
Keenblade claws (hands and feet) 1,000 0 lb.

Power Fist (one hand)

6,500 20 lb.

Blaster Machine Pistol

1,200 4 lb.

... Small Ammo Backpack (600 shots)

250 10 lb.

... Medium Ammo Backpack (2400 shots)

500 40 lb.

Jump Pack

4,000 20 lb.

An integrated weapon can be activated ('drawn') as a free action. Integrated energy weapons have battery packs mounted in the suit, either a single cell or a larger pack (Ammo Backpack).

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