Kabbalistic Alchemist

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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe understanding of divine words and formulae let you perform seemingly magical results with mystical science.

Prerequisite: Read, Write, and Speak Hebrew.

Benefit: You gain the Create, Cure, Divine, and Summon arcana.

You can create diagrams to assist the directing of energy for your spells. Purchasing the necessary materials requires a Wealth check (DC 5 + spell level), and you must spend at least one minute preparing the diagram on a solid surface (flexible surfaces like paper do not work, though flesh is permanent enough to accept diagrams in tattoo form). Diagrams require at least a five-foot square of writing space, making them difficult to move even if they are written on something like a large wooden board. When you cast the spell the diagram was prepared for, if the diagram is within 5 feet, you can Take 10 on the spellcasting check.

One diagram could fit on a Medium creature as a tattoo. A Large creature could hold four diagrams, a Huge creature sixteen, and so on.

Rituals: Kabbalistic rituals require one minute per spellcasting check, instead of one round, because the energies must be precisely and geometrically aligned. Those involved in the ritual cannot move during spellcasting.

Mishaps: Kabbalistic spells never create mishaps. The spell simply fails and you take a –1 penalty to spellcasting checks for the rest of the day.

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