Jaron Gath

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Growing up on one of the civilized inner worlds after another, towed along by his always-on-the-move trader family, Jaron nurtured a strong longing for unspoiled nature and the untamed wilderness of the frontier.

As soon as he was able to, he took off, taking hire on various geographical and naturalist expeditions as first a mere gofer and handyman, then security guard and tracker.

As one of the expeditons he participated in got aborted when its destination flared up in a blaze of infighting, he found himself stranded in the middle of a warzone. When the Imperial Marine Corps dropped in, he volunteered as an extra guide in exchange for a ride out. Things dragged out more than expected, however, and he got in so tight with the Marines that he decided he might as well join up.

His interest for nature is still burning, and whenever he is off-duty on some strange planet, he disappears out into the wilderness, sneaking up on some rare and obscure creature to add a recording to his rapidly growing trideo collection.


Player: Mats

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