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World of d20d20 Modern Horror

You believe you can control spirits, forcing them to attack or control enemies and provide power or knowledge to you.

Benefit: You gain the Attack, Charm, Summon, and Transform arcana. If you possess an item or body part that belonged to a creature, you can craft an effigy through which you direct magic. This requires ten minutes and at least rudimentary tools and materials, but no Crafts check is required. You can have no more active effigies at any one time than your character level, and an effigy is only effective if the item used in its creation was in the creature’s possession no more than one month ago.

You can target the creature linked to the effigy from much further away than usual, gaining access to special range enhancements for your spells. You can only choose these enhancements if the spell only targets the creature linked to the effigy and has no area of effect.

Range — Close (+0). The spell has a range of 30 ft., or generally the size of a small melee combat. Range — Far (+2). The spell has a range of 800 ft., or generally far enough to reach people who can see you, at about the limit of clear vision. Range — Distant (+4). The spell has no range limit.

Rituals: An effigy must be used for hoodoo rituals, and often a small animal must be sacrificed to appease the spirits.

Mishaps: The spirits turn against you. Any ill you intended to another is dealt to you, and any other effect you desired is perverted to an effect of equivalent level that is somehow harmful to you.

Special: This tradition covers the dark side of the popular idea of “voodoo.”

To create a zombie, use the magic item creation rules to create a permanent Charm effect (to bend the person to your will) and Defend effect (to represent the zombie’s trademark invincibility). Less magical methods of zombie creation involve tetrodotoxin and datura stramonium to create a death-like state and damage the victim’s mind, so as to make the victim obedient when you dig up their “corpse” after live burial.

Modern Horror

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