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Transform spells turn creatures into other creatures. You can also transform gear on creatures into other items, but if the main purpose of the spell is to transform one object into another, Create is a more appropriate spell. Transform spells can only affect willing creatures unless you choose the Force Change enhancement.

Transform Enhancements

  • Cosmetic Changes (+1 or more). If you choose this enhancement, you can change the shape and appearance of a creature. Changing mild features like ethnicity or hair color costs +1 level. Changing build or sex costs +3 levels. Any greater changes cost +6 levels, though it can only change one size category smaller or larger.

Also, regardless of its new shape, the creature does not gain any new abilities. The creature’s speed might decrease by assuming a less mobile form, but it cannot gain new movement abilities. Wings don’t let it fly, gills don’t let it breathe water, and extra limbs don’t grant it extra attacks. If you want to grant the creature any special abilities, use the Creature Form enhancement. If you use this spell to create a disguise, the transformed creature gets a +10 bonus on the Deception check.

  • Creature Form (Varies). If you turn something into a creature and have it actually possess the abilities of that creature, you must choose this enhancement. The level cost of this enhancement is twice the form’s Challenge Rating (CR), but no less than 4. The creature retains its mind, but gains the physical abilities scores, natural armor, attack forms, and extraordinary abilities of the new form. Spell-like and supernatural abilities cannot be granted this way.

The creature’s hit points also change to those of the new form, if the new form has more hit points. This change occurs in ratio, so if a character at half HP turns into a creature with a maximum of 50 HP, it will have 25 HP. The creature keeps its own class- and level-based abilities, so a 1st-level Strong hero transformed into a troll will have his +1 base attack bonus, modified by a troll’s Strength and size. He does not gain the troll’s +4 base attack bonus, but he does get a Strength of 23.

  • Force Change (+2 or more). If you do not choose this enhancement, the transformation only affects unattended objects or willing creatures. If you do choose this enhancement, the creature receives a Fortitude save to resist. The minimum cost of this enhancement is 2 levels, but if the spell level is less than 9, this enhancement increases the spell level to 9.

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