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This page lists some ideas for villain grooups for City of Heroes. Active groups and solid concepts are listed on the main City of Villains page.


One advantage of acronym names is that you can change the meaning without restarting the group. See the Acronym Maker for a word list. Examples (better meaning listed first for each acronym):


Heavy Assault Vanguard Operative Command
Hostile Action and Violent Operations Command

See this writeup for the non acronym version, Havoc, a mercenary group.


Mercenary Operations Bureau
Military Operations Branch
Mutual Opportunistic Beneficiaries


Supreme Headquarter Allied Directorate Operations Web
Secret Hegemony for the Absolute Dominion Over the World


Secret International Network for Information, Sabotage, Terror, Extortion and Revenge

This group is now live on the Defiant server. See the SINISTER page.


Secret Military Agency for Subversion of Heroics

Generic Group Ideas

Hero and villain groups share the same namespace, so I have created a few generic groups. These can act as an extra badge. Current list: <Ninja>, <Altoholic>, <Lone Wolf> and a few others I don't remember. Perhaps I should create <Roleplayer> as well. --Hunter

Some ideas for themed groups:


Stalkers with Ninjutsu secondary. Ninja Mastermind with Archery, Posion or possibly devices. More magic ninjas may include dark/dark defenders or dark/dark brutes. Members must have ninja style names and outfit.


Corruption: when evil is not enough...

All corruptor group. Perhaps not as good as Amplifier, but perhaps worth trying out. Such as groups would certainly have more staying power than an all blaster group like the Precision Rangers.


See notes on Havoc on the City of Villains page.