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This is where it all started... First it was Land of the Free followed by Eurotour as the characters needed to make themselves scarce in the US of A... John Ominor, Dan White, Vita, Samuel Alston among others first appeared here.

During Eurotour Weasel shows up as well. Milos Vogabi joins the merry crew as they are incarcerated in Sub Attica during the adventure with that name.


2020: early: where it all starts. Land of the Free.

2020: mid year-late: Eurotour. First Africa arcs take place here as well.

2021-2022: Sub Attica. Continuous African activities

2023-2024: Later African arcs. Chrome Berets. Playground. Bonin Horse. Northwest Passage. NYC-arcs with Vita, Weasel and September Chung including Chasing the Dragon.

2025: Greenwar. Martian Adventures. The Spook-arch.

2026: Fall of Gods Country, The Burton-Object.

2027: Firestorm: Stormfront, Firestorm:Shockwave

The Future

Here's a brief summation of things that come to pass in the 21st century.


The world sees an economic boom during this decade, however the new riches fail to raise the poor of most countries to a higher standard of living.

Industrial IP and standardization corporation Basic Concept emerges, beginning even to replace the time-honored ISO.

The 30s also see the first small steps toward colonization of the solar system.

2032: The Inca republic finish work on their mass-driver.

2034: The Soviet Union begin their behemoth project of bombing holes big enough in the atmosphere of Venus for it to cool down, in preparation for colonization.


The boom of the 30s finally starts to slowly push the standard of living up in several developing countries, supported not least, by an emerging new sense of global cooperation.

Massive investments into space projects are being made, while the colonization started in the 30s continues. Several corporations set up bases on different locations throughout the solar system. Notably, corporations such as Orbital Air, Basic Concept, Con Air, Pryce IPH, set up shop on Saturn's moon Titan.

2047: The Beanstalk funded and owned by Basic Concept is finished, giving the space investment trend a further push.

2048: The Great South American Drug Wars begin. While it remains low in intensity in the beginning, it will soon escalate, causing great damage and suffering in the process.


The economic build-up of the last two decades begins to lose momentum. The impact is first felt by those most recently having been uplifted from poverty. Global instability follows, and towards the end of the 50s, the global economy stalls and crashes.

2052: The Great South American Drug Wars end after four years of devastation.

2058: The first signs of an impending global economic crash are showing, but the warning signs are not taken seriously.

2059: A small nuclear device is detonated at the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels. What becomes known as the City Wars breaks out between European nations and corporations, as well as the EU itself. Curiously, the hostilities confine themselves to urbanized areas, hence the name.


During this decade, Catholicism finally fades away until it is all but gone, having been replaced by Cyber Catholicism.

Estonia, having been the playground for the more shady experiments of several international corporations, becomes a source of a few epidemics, hitting mostly the northern parts of Europe.

2063: The general distrust towards the Inca Republic, brought about by its profuse distribution of weapons to South American governments, guerillas and drug cartels alike, triggers a wave of destabilization throughout the entire continent. Wars break out also in this part of the world, seeing most notably the generous use of biological weapons, many of which experimental. Consequently, the growth of the South American rain forests runs amok, driving, in addition to several epidemics, old and new, millions from their homes.

2065: The City Wars in Europe come to an end.


The wars end and the general global downslope levels out. There are few, if any, countries that have not had their share of turmoil and destruction.

During the course of the decade, while the EU died in the City Wars, Europe divides itself up into three blocks. The Cyber Catholic , Alpine and Nordic blocks, where Germany joins the latter.

Meanwhile in North America, governments collapse or are at least weakened to the point of cracking up into a patchwork of corporate nations, warlord controlled territories, etc. All of Latin America has reformed as a single state, or region, under Mexican control. Cuba, however, remains under communist rule.

Since governments and corporations worldwide have lost their grip on the world, the spook community, from around the mid 70s, prove to be the unseen but nonetheless uniting force.


This decade is spent rebuilding the world. Not just physically but politically and diplomatically. Again, it is the spook community that brings about most of the progress in this time of every-man-for-himself, when there is little trust among people.

Starting in 2085, the world starts seeing a new pioneering spirit and entrepreneurship with regards to space. Despite the hardships and efforts to rebuild communities on earth, resources for the further exploration of space seems to be in ample supply. The whole space pioneering thing is brought about by the spook community as yet another step towards normalization and reinvigorated progress.


Earth reaches back out to its colonies in space.

Immense efforts are made to colonize the solar system in a more methodical and organized manner. Asteroids are moved into new, more useful orbits, etc.

2099: A manned expedition to investigate what seems to be a hyperspace gate at the edge of the solar system disappears. Here is where the aliens are discovered, with all of their uncanny similarities to humanity, physically, culturally and technologically. War ensues.


War is officially declared against the aliens. All of earth unites to meet the alien "threat", and colony upon colony is conquered from the aliens in an unexpectedly effortless fashion.