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Louise Lecavalier.jpg
Louise Lecavalier as Vita
Name: Justine de la Croix
Alias: Vita
Class: Solo
Tagskill: Berzerk, Diva
Player: Urban

Vita is a short, athletic blonde with dreadlocks. She typically wears armored corset, stockings and boots. Vita is a temperantal and self-destructive streetfighter. is nothing like danger and pain to let you know you are alive! Her boosted reflexes makes her highly strung, and she must take drugs in order to unwind. Her current drug of choice is heroin. Vita is a diva, confident in her abilities as a dancer and fighter. Her mood swings makes her difficult to like, but she is fiercely loyal to her few real friends.


Justine de la Croix was born i Quebec 2001. Her father is mid-level government official. Her parents are still alive, but Vita has little contact with them other than perfunctory calls at Christmas. Vita has always suspected that they were more proud of her twin sister Louise who is a successful corporate. Louise works at Trigon Cybernetique in Montreal as a low level executive, but has excellent career and has excellent career prospects. The sisters were quite close when they were younger, but have since lost contact.

Justine proved herself as an excellent gymnast and savateuse in high school, but her true calling was the ballet, and earned her nickname for her passionate dancing. ("Vita" is Latin for "life"). She pursed dancing through college and was offered a position at a troupe in New York after graduation. Her promising dancing career was tragically cut short when terrorists released a neuro-plague in New York 2021. Like hundreds of others she survived, but her nervous system was permanently damaged.

The doctors thought she would be subject to seizures for the rest of her life and would probably never regain the full use of her body. She would certainly never be able to dance professionally again. Her friends in the dance troupe were very sympathetic, which only made things worse. After months of physical therapy and mind-numbing hospital braindance sims, Vita was released from the hospital. Too proud to ask her parents for help and unwilling to return to her former life, she decided to make her own way in life.

A series of minimum-wage jobs paid the bills, but the dull routine of everyday life seemd like a trap shw could not escape from. The turning point come when she was attacked by gangers who thought that she was easy prey. A lifetime of training took over. Despite her lack of coordination and much to her own surprise, she easily defeated her assailants. For the first time in months, Vita felt alive again.

The adrenalin rush of combat and thrill of danger was more potent than any drug. She began an obsessive regimen of physical training and entered the underground fighting circuit where she became quite popular. The crowd loved to see a small woman beat up boosters or (better yet) other women. Dr. Rock, a ripperdoc in the Manhattan combat zone, took a liking to her and fitted her with a an experimental (and highly illegal) cybernetic nervous system. Vita was thrilled. She had superhuman speed and perfect control over her body. After a time, the constant boost began to take its toll, and she turned to drugs for relief.



The name and appearance is shamelessly stolen from the movie Strange Days.