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I am Urban's lack of a homepage.


My email address is urban dot blom at gmail dot com.


Stuff I should be working on:


Purple Dragon - need to finish the campaign log.


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Warhammer 400,000 Roleplay

ImperiumAgents of the InquisitionHive of the Dead

My pages

Some of my private pages on Hastur:

WiiMass EffectHeraldrySolaris


Sites to wikify:

Wiki stuff


Wiki migration script

I've written a fairly advanced script which is used to migrate several PhpWikis to this MediaWiki. This script accesses PhpWiki and MediaWiki databases directly.

New and exciting bugs: The guess algorithm does not produce a good result when the target link is a subpage.

Automated page imports

I have programmed a few simple bots in Perl (using the MediaWiki module). This made the task of importing the d20 Modern SRD very easy.

Perl client for MediaWiki?


SVG support!

See this link. Inkscape is required (can be found in Dag Wiers repository).

SVG support is enabled! The link above did not help with SVG support, but other parts are still valid. There were some good tips on MediaWiki, however.

I had to install the php fileinfo plugin. Current SVG conveter is RSVG, not inkscape. While I was able to upload images with Inkscape as SVG convered, no thumbnails were generated. Everything seems to be working nicely with RSVG.

Note: Batik (Java) may be better option.

Warhammer 40,000 fluff research