Hive of the Dead

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The theme for the Hive of the Dead campaign is gang violence and zombie horror in the Underhive of Necromunda. One or two of the survivors may be recruited by the Imperial Inquisition for the Agents of the Inquisition campaign. Of course, this assumed that there are any survivors... Life in the Underhive is nasty, brutish and short. Players should be prepared to play several characters during the campaign.

If a majority of the players can agree on a gang, one of them will play a gang leader of slightly higher level. This is intended as a test of the party dynamics for the Agents campaign. The term gang is fairly broad. It is perfectly feasible to play a group of bounty hunters, miners of enforcers. All characters do not have to belong to the same gang. Group rivalries can make for interesting roleplaying as the group must put their differences aside and defend the settlement against a horde of zombies, or perhaps make the trek through the Underhive to safety.

This will be a relatively short campaign (4-8 sessions) and will serve as a testbed for the d20 Modern Evolution rules.


  • Necromunda (game)
  • All Flesh Must be Eaten (game)
  • The Warriors
  • Any number of bad horror movies.

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