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The Followers of Set (or Setites) are both a vampire covenant and a bloodline of clan Mekhet. They are renowned corrupters and defilers. They worship their spiritual and perhaps physical ancestor, the dark god Set.

The Followers of Set

Bloodline Feats

Bloodline Weaknesses

The sun is corrupted by Ra and Horus, and hates the children of Set. All Setites have severe Vulnerability (Sunlight).

Bloodline Qualities

Basic Qualities

Aspect of Set: You can take on aspects of the adder. At any time, you can manifest one of three aspects, and you can switch between them with a swift action.

  • You can form your skin into iridiscent scales, like a snake. It gives you +2 natural armor.
  • You can extend your tongue and use it as a weapon. It becomes more than a foot long, sharp, barbed, and infused with your blood. Your tongue counts as a light weapon that does 1d4 damage. On a critical, or if you are in a grapple, you can use it to drain blood as if using your fangs, instead of or in addition to doing damage. Unlike fangs, your tongue can drain your target without needing a pin.
  • As an attack action, you can mesmerize an opponent just by gazing into his or her eyes. You can attempt to mesmerize only one target at a time, and the target must be within 30 feet and able to see you. A target that fails a Will save (DC 10 + ½ your level + your Charisma modifier) is paralyzed for as long as you retain eye contact.

Intermediate Qualities

Shape of the Serpent: You can assume the form of a viper (small, medium, or large) or Apep as a move action. You can remain in that form until you assume another form or until the sunrise.

Advanced Qualities

Cheat the Scale of Anubis: This is a ritual that involves removal of the heart, brain, and certain other organs, which are then hidden in a secret place. You are immune to critical hits, sneak attacks, mind-affecting magic, and all other effects that target the heart or brain, including Diablerie.

Indeed, while your heart remains whole in its secret place you cannot die. Even the complete destruction of your body is insufficient to kill you. You are soul-locked, just as for Inevitable Comeback. When you return after being killed, you are next to your heart.

Should someone find and take your heart, you are in deep trouble. You have -10 on all defenses and actions against that someone, and he can easily send you into Final Death by tossing your heart into a fire.

Note: I seem to recall there being other disadvantages of this, but not which ones.

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