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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

{delite}} Fame is a measure of how successful and well-known you are as an adventurer, performer or craftsman. It is governed by the Celebrity profession.


Make a fame (Celebrity) roll to see whether people have heard of you and what their impression is, to find fans and admirers, to gauge your popularity and to check the loyalty of your followers.

Fame is not static. When you move about you lose contact with your fan base, and even a temporary setback can make you a has-been or at least make you temporarily out of fashion. You cannot retry a failed Fame roll unless the situation has significantly changed. Apply the following modifiers:

Situation Modifier
Outside your regular area -5 (or more)
Last adventure was a failure -5
An adventure the last week was a resounding and public success +5

Fame has a drawback; it makes it easier to hear rumors of your exploits. Such rumors tend to be exaggerated, almost urban legends, so while it is easy to get people to talk about you, it is no easier to actually find solid information on your whereabouts.

To see if people have been impressed by your fame, make a Fame roll against Will defense. On a success, they have a previous impression of you. you won’t need to introduce yourself, and if their basic values mesh with yours they will start out friendly.

To find fans willing to help you has a difficulty of 30; only the very famous can count of finding fans everywhere. If you spend an hour looking for them, the DC falls to 20. Such fans will give you basic aid; a place to stay, food or shelter. They will speak out for you and do minor services, but not take risks on your behalf.