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You believe you know of secrets more ancient than modern man, from a time when thought and dreams were the purview of unfathomable elder gods.

Benefit: You gain the Attack, Charm, Defend, Divine, Illusion, and Summon arcana. You gain a +2 bonus to magical skill checks. Whenever you cast a spell, regardless of if the spell succeeds, you suffer a cumulative –2 penalty to Wisdom until you sleep. If your Wisdom is reduced to 0 this way, you pass out for one day and take 1 point of permanent Wisdom drain.

Rituals: Any sort of illogical element may be required for an elder ritual, always intended to unsettle normal human sensibilities.

Mishaps: You go insane. The variety of insanity should be somehow related to the trauma that triggered it. The game master is encouraged to be cruel, but not to debilitate the character. It is more entertaining for the player to try to keep playing his character despite the madness. The amount of time the insanity lasts depends on the spell level, from a minute (level 1) to ten minutes (level 2–3), to an hour (4–8), to a day (9–16), to a week (17+). Note, however, that insanity in reality is disturbing, and some players might not be comfortable confronting it in a game.

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