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You possess the magical powers of the fey — trickery, illusion, and knowledge of how not to be seen.

Benefit: You gain the Charm, Illusion, Move, and Transform arcana. Whenever you use magic, creatures who do not believe in the existence of magic do not notice the spell being cast unless they are being targeted or are in the spell’s area. The fey magic causes random events to distract them from seeing the spell as it is cast, and slightly befuddles their mind so they do not question any effects that aren’t immediately important.

Rituals: Offerings of food must be made or other casual gifts given. The final round of the ritual, each person involved in the ritual must close his or her eyes, so as not to see the fey that provides the magic.

Mishaps: A spiteful fey, attracted by the spell and angered by the poor execution, appears and attempts to abduct one of the participants who is most sexually attractive or least willfull. The person is allowed a Will save (DC 10 + ½ spell level) to resist, and if he fails he is taken to Gaia. He returns later, the amount of time passing dependent on the spell level, from a minute (level 1) to ten minutes (level 2–3), to an hour (4–8), to a day (9–16), to a week (17+). Of this time he has only vague memories of being compelled to revel.

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