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Shadowsong (PVE)

This server will probably be the hangout for people from LysKom and UNIT. (In this case I may consider creating my characters primarily on Shadowsong as well -- Urban Blom)

We have four main resource handlers. All of these characters are devoted to their crafts. We can always use more gatherers, any resources sent to one of these will be returned as crafted items.

Some characters are looking for specific loot. Here is a wish list

Character Appx Lvl Player Race Class Professions Notes
Clavain 22 Jens Carlberg Human Paladin Skinning, Leatherworking
Frag Urban Blom Dwarf Hunter
Moonclaw Urban Blom Night Elf Druid
Roland Urban Blom Human Warrior
Sofia Urban Blom Human Paladin
Cidri 33 Carl Cramér Human Warrior Skinning, Mining
Moonbow 35 Carl Cramér Night Elf Hunter Skinning, Leatherworking
Ravenwind 1 Carl Cramér Human Warlock
Kablamma 1 Carl Cramér Gnome Mage
Mouse 6 Carl Cramér Gnome Rogue
Moneybags 9 Carl Cramér Dwarf Paladin Blacksmith, Mining Auction mule
Faë 16 Mats Öhrman Night Elf Druid
Trinket 31 Mats Öhrman Gnome Warlock Miner (228), Engineer (233)
Tuft 51 Mats Öhrman Night Elf Rogue Herbalism (300), Enchanting (251)
Allyson 40 Mats Öhrman Human Mage Herbalism (253), Alchemy (292)
Jen 24 Mats Öhrman Human Warrior Mining (109), Blacksmithing (106) Auction Mule
Scarlett 39 Hack Human Warlock Skinning, Tailor
Kyri 25 Hack Human Rogue Mining, Engineer
Xyliane 22 Hack Night Elf Druid Herbalism, Alchemy
Aryelle 28 Hack Human Warrior Mining, Blacksmith
Dea 17 Hack Night Elf Hunter Skinning, Leatherworking
Fundin 12 Hack Dwarf Paladin Mining, Skinning Loot broker

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