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The true fey are immensely powerful beings, but alien to our ways. Possessing both a terrible beauty and uncaring cruelty beyond our imagination, they follow rules of their own making, but rules nonetheless. When one of the fey need a servant, lover, or lawn ornament, they lure or kidnap humans into faery, and bind them to service. A changeling is such a person that has managed to escape, forever altered by the eldritch energies of the fey.

Changeling Origins

Changeling Society

Changeling (Template)

Template Traits

Changeling is a bestowed template that can be added to any human or near-human, except to a Mage.

Type: Fey.

Ability Modifiers: Changelings have +2 Dexterity, and +2 Charisma.

Advancement: Changelings primarily advance by character class, in particular the wyrd power class. They can have all normal and advanced classes not specifically prohibited.

Allegiance: None particular.

Taint: All changelings have Taint scores when they return from Faery. Divide 2d6 points among corruption and depravity.

Special Qualities

A changeling gains the special qualities described below.

Low-Light Vision (Ex): You have low-light vision, and can ignore partial concealment due to darkness.


A changeling has several weaknesses, described below.

Additional Weaknesses: In addition to the common weaknesses above, a you have # of the following weaknesses. You may pick an extra weakness to get a basic quality, and another at wyrd level 5 to get an extra intermediate quality.

Aversion: You are repelled by the object of your aversion. You must make a DC 25 Will save to come within 20 feet of the aversion, and even then can only advance at 5 feet per round. If the object of the aversion comes closer, on its own or with someone else’s help, you must make another Will save or must retreat out of range. You suffer a -2 penalty on melee attacks against anyone wearing or carrying the aversion.

You can take the aversion weakness more than once, with multiple objects.

Severe Aversion: It is also possible to take aversion twice for the same substance. If trapped within 20 feet of the object of severe aversion, you must make a Charisma check every round to avoid taking damage, with a DC of 15 +1 per additional round you are there. When you fail a check, you begin suffering much as if you are a mortal drowning: in the next round you fall unconscious with 0 hit points, the round after that you're reduced to -1 hit points, and the round after that, you're destroyed. You can heal (and use special escape options like Gaseous Form) only after the aversion is removed or you're taken out of its range.

Dependent on Invitation: You cannot enter a privately owned residence unless invited in by the rightful owner or tenant. This does not apply to businesses, but does apply to residences that have been abandoned for less than a year.

No Image: You cast no reflection in a mirror or other shiny surface. You cannot be photographed by any mechanical or electronic device. Only living senses detects you.

No Shadow: You cast no shadow.

Offensive to Animals: Animals instinctively dislike and fear you. You get a -5 penalty on all Animals checks when dealing with animals.

Vulnerability: You take extra damage from attacks using a particular substance. Whatever damage reduction you have don’t apply to the substance, and you suffer +2d6 additional damage from attacks using it.

Severe Vulnerability: You can take Vulnerability a second time for a given substance, for even greater vulnerability. Attacks with the substance do +4d6 extra damage. The critical threat range of weapons with the substance is increased by 2, and a successful critical hit instantly destroys you.

Changeling (Power Class)

Must be a changeling.

Hit Die: 1d8.

Defenses: Reflex +2, Will +4.

Table: Changeling Class
Level BAB MR Skills Class Features
1 Basic Quality
2 +1½ +1 1 Basic Quality
3 +2¼ +2 +1 Dex, Basic Quality, Bonus Feat
4 +3 +2½ 1 Intermediate Quality
5 +3¾ +3 Intermediate Quality
6 +4½ +4 1 +1 Int, Bonus Feat
7 +5¼ +4½ Intermediate Quality
8 +6 +5 1 Advanced Quality
9 +6¾ +6 +1 Cha, Bonus Feat
10 +7½ +6½ 1 Advanced Quality

Basic Qualities

You can pick a basic quality from the list below. You cannot pick the same quality more than once.

Fey Magic: You can use dynamic magic in the Classical Fey tradition. This also provides the special requirement for the Amazing Holdout feat.


Intermediate Qualities

You can pick an intermediate quality from the list below. You cannot pick the same quality more than once, and you must meet any listed prerequisites.

You do not have to take the basic version of a quality before getting the intermediate version, and can choose to acquire an additional basic quality instead of an intermediate one. All these qualities are considered Su (supernatural).


Advanced Qualities

At 8th, 9th, and 10th level, you can pick an advanced quality from the list below. You cannot pick the same quality more than once, and you must meet any listed prerequisites.

You do not have to take the basic or intermediate version of a quality before getting the advanced version, and can choose to take an additional basic or intermediate quality instead of an advanced one. All these qualities are considered Su (supernatural).


Bonus Feat

At 3rd level, you can pick a feat for which you have all prerequisites. You can choose one of Amazing Holdout, Dodge, Holdout, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Light Sleeper, Low Profile, Running Attack, Second Chance, Trackless, Weapon Finesse, and Windfall.

You can pick another bonus feat at 6th and 9th level.

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