Alter Shape (4E)

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4ED&D 4E
4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

This is a ritual description page for 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Alter Shape

Everyone in the ritual changes into another race.
Level: 10 Component Cost: 550
Category: Exploration Market Price: 1,450
Time: 10 minutes Key Skill: Arcana
Duration: See text

Pick one living humanoid race of small or medium size. All participants in the ritual polymorph into this race. This works like a power of the Alter Form keyword. If the selected race has any of the following attributes or keywords, all participants gain these abilities; small size, medium size, aquatic, swim speed, climb speed, forest walk, or ice walk. The ritual lasts a number of hours equal to the Arcana check, but each participant can end the ritual as a minor action.