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Every Enlisted Marine has a Military Occupational Specialty or MOS. Player character Marines in the Outlands Patrol campaign must qualify for a MOS listed below. The list is by no means complete for the Imperial Marine Corps, but it lists useful roles for a Marine Platoon.

Each MOS description lists required skills and feats. The class entry lists the common classes for each MOS, but a Marine can be of any class as long as she meets the requirements.

Most of these occupation specialties have had special equipment kits designed for them. A character operating in a specific MOS is expected to carry this kit on active duty, besides any mission-specific equipment.

Combat Services

Support Services


Officers do not have MOS, but must nevertheless fulfill certain requirements in order to be commissioned, as outlined under the Marine Lieutenant.


Dragon Nobles start out as officers and can do pretty much anything they like as long as they are at least marginally useful.

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