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The Imperial Special Police Directorate or ISPD was founded by Emperor Mezzenbone shortly after his ascension to the throne. It is officially only a directorate with the Imperial Police, but everyone knows it is really a separate organization. It is also not very secret. Though its agenda is unknown, it is really quite visible to all the officers in the imperial legions and many other formerly more-or-less independent organizations in the empire who must suddenly defer to their new ISPD Liaisons.

The ISPD is the secret arm of the emperor, enforcing his orders and transmitting his instructions to all parts of the Dragon Empire, and it is lead by an officer corps as ruthless and twisted as Emperor Mezzenbone himself. Most ISPD operatives take great pleasure in the status gained from this position.

Under the aegis of the emperor's orders, individual ISPD operatives have a surprising amount of autonomy, and can do almost anything they want as long as they don't have any specific orders. But they also stand alone if caught - the emperor will not protect an incompetent minion whose personal ambitions got them in trouble. So ISPD operatives try to keep any personal business strictly private.

All ISPD Operatives are effectively the law, what they say goes, they can order searches of peoples homes and businesses on a whim, confiscate goods and properties, hold sway over local governments and security forces such as a police force, can arrest anyone on the spot without due cause, can levy fines and even order executions. ISPD Operatives answer only to their Superiors in the Directorate. Their influence does not extend to Nobles, Half Dragons or Dragons themselves and should they wish to follow up enquiries with these they must be certain evidence and facts warrant such action.

Little is known about the covert operations (if any) that the ISPD does, but it has a lot of agents. Most of these are Drow Elfs, and seem to enjoy the obvious fear and discomfort they generate whenever they appear in their black leather uniforms.


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