Character Creation (Dragonstar)

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This page contains instructions for creating characters for the Outlands Patrol campaign arc.

Character Pool

Each player is permitted to have several characters. In fact, many scenarios will demand a shift in character.

Character Concept

Most charcater will be soldiers in the Imperial Marine Corps. See the Outlands Patrol page form available roles ("slots" on the org chart). There is one officer slot and one ISPD slot available. Slots not filled with player charcaters will be filled with NPCs. The bulk of the platoon consists of humans, orks and half-orks.

One or two characters can be non-Corps specialists, such as a xenologist or reporter. However, the nature of some missions (scenarios) may make impossible to play non-military personel. In this event, other platoon members (NPCs) are available.

Character Creation


The starting XP totals means that a character will start at level 5 for EL 0 races. Character race and XP spent on Spellware may reduce the starting level.

Imperial Characters

The Dragon Empire has an efficient school system. To represent this, all Empire characters gain an additional 2 skill points per level. Altered Skill Rules covers this and some other changes to the skill rules.

Marine Characters

Most characters will be members of the Imperial Marine Corps (see Character Pool), and receive a number of benefits from this.