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A colony of Sasserine's on an islet south of the Isle of Dread, Farshore represents the most ambitious project to open up and explore the riches of the region. Information on Farshore can be found in Dungeon #143. This is a summary of important facts and tidbits, along with adventure hooks in the region.


With the arrival of the refugees from the Great Kingdom, Farshore split into two settlements.


Farshore (Hamlet): Conventional; AL NG; Population 264; 4200 gp limit; Assets 55.440 gp; Isolated (231 humans, 8 half-elves, 11 halflings, 7 dwarves, 7 gnomes).

Fort Alkor

Fort Alkor (Thorp): Conventional; AL LN; Population 105; 400 gp limit; Assets 2100 gp; Isolated (70 humans).

The refugees from the Great Kingdom, pure Aerdi and culturally distinct from the Sasseriners formed their own settlement in the interior of the isle. They have begun to build a plantation, and use captured pirates as a work force. Financially dependent on Farshore, Prince Henry is trying to keep his people apart and to prevent them from simply being assimilated into Farshore.

The population is distinctly separated into two groups; Prince Henri's and followers (39 people) and captured pirates (indentured servants, mostly of Suel stock) 56 people.

Fort Alkor is trying to start a breeding program for terror birds as mounts.

Personalities of Farshore

Including Fort Alkor.

Adventure Hooks

Roughly in order of inconvenience or distance.

  • Kawibusa, the lost tribe of Temute
  • Wild folk of Temute (Depths of Rage map, D 83)
  • Labor problems in Fort Alkor
  • Alliance with the Olman
  • Investigating Rat's End
  • The Throne of Huhueteotl hods some strange ruins. (D 103)
  • The Zombie Master in the Fangs of Zothilla
  • Emrag the Dragon Turtle lairs in a bay on the north side
  • Mantru: legends speak of a lost Olman village in the caldera of the central volcano (D 145)
  • The Lost Citadel: High in the peaks above the western shore lies this shining citadel, where it is said old Olman lords sleep, awaiting a new golden age.
  • Improve the smithy
  • Hallow the cemetery
  • Organize the miners (diamonds)
  • Help the skinner find exotic skins
  • Pottery
  • Inventory of the infirmary

Ideas for defences

  • Chain across harbour. Wall of Force?
  • Stoneshape-cannons.
  • Keep/barracs in harbour.
  • Fireproofing roofs and houses.
  • Additional watchtowers to waterfront.
  • Stone Wall (spell) or palisade wall along harbour.
  • Additional palisade walls for battlefield control.
  • Ditch to be filled with oil to be lit.
  • Force Wall in waterline to stop ships.
  • Safe hide out for old and children or easily damaged goods.
  • Evacuation routes.
  • Cannon from Sea Wyvern.
  • Using Hellfish as a fireship or as a hellburner.


  • What to do with our ships?
  • Can we learn more of the attacking force? What does lefty know? Use of scry?

Activities preparing for Pirate Invasion

Week Lady Red Cinnamon Jennikki Aiken Peter Blood
1 Magic Items Magic Items Magic Items Magic Items Train the militia
2 Trip to Tar pits
Finding Phanatons
Weapons of the Rakasta
Trip to Tar pits
Finding Phanatons
Weapons of the Rakasta
Trip to Tar pits
Finding Phanatons
Weapons of the Rakasta
Trip to Tar pits
Finding Phanatons
Weapons of the Rakasta
Train the militia
3 Build "keep"
Northern waterfront palisade
Southern waterfront palisade
Charming the Olmans Explore Temute
Collecting boulders
Work the election Train the old kingdom troops
4 Improve rest of palisade
Build safe warehouse
Build cannon fort - Failed?
Raising stone circle
Campaigning Campaigning Build waterfront lookout
5 Reclaiming the Sea Wyvern Reclaiming the Sea Wyvern Reclaiming the Sea Wyvern Reclaiming the Sea Wyvern Reclaiming the Sea Wyvern

Activities one-year intermission

  • Sasserine:
    • Cinnamon: Entertain Familiar's Club
    • Jenniki: Talk with Church of Whirling Fury
    • Report to Sun Lodge
      • Martyrdom of Innersol. Return holy symbol, equipment
      • Gift of Sunsword
    • Cinnamon: collect parts for house
    • Cinnamon: Exalted Arcanist
    • Blood: Repair folding boat (3000gp)
  • Great kingdom. Research people, connections.
  • Establish Olman fashion in Sasserine/Greyhawk
    • Show works for fashion/pattern designers. sponsor pattern books
    • make a splash in Greyhawk.
      • Show up as cool, exotic adventurers
      • Ride summoned T Rex
  • Integration Olman/Farshore. Sponsor inter-marriage.
  • Farshore Constructions:
    • Jennikki: Light tree
    • Cinnamon: Familiar's club tower
  • Continue Innersol's project
  • Visit:
    • Mongrel Folk
    • Phanatons
  • Shifting gods for Olman:
    • Tonatu -> Pelor.
    • Quetzalcoatl -> Cuthbert.
  • Spell research:
    • Cinnamon: Aerie Alter