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Allanal Kio

Half-elf from Sasserine, part of the crew of the Sea Wyvern.

Amella Venkalie

Ship's officer on the Sea Wyvern.

Anderhoff (Sasserine)

Originally four brothers, butchers, and murder fanboys in Azure District, Sasserine. Two remain. Met in Funeral Procession (135).


Aniphastus Knowlern (Sasserine)

Elf, Lord of the Knowlern family and a founding member of the Sun Lodge. (139)

Anna Samos

Lieutenant to Prince Henri d'Aventhal (104)

Annah Teranaki, Mother (Sasserine)

High prestess of We Jas in Sasserine. (139)

Anteki Alresian (Sasserine)

Scarlet brotherhood ambassador to Sasserine. (139)

Avner Meravanchi

The son of Zebula Meravanchi, Avner is a right dashing gentleman with a somewhat scandalous reputation.


Cami (Sasserine)

Rogue in Sasserine, wanted to join Lotus Dragons (118). Met during Box of Flumph.


LG Male Dwarf Fighter 4

Turned to stone by a basilisk in Tamoachan; saved and truned back in time for the battle of Farshore. Member of the The Green Gargoyles (Caradok, Geogrio , Lavacindu ).

* Cecily Kellani (Sasserine)

NG Female Human Bard 3 128

Daughter of Heldrath Kellani. Sister of Rowyn Kellani. Saved from family troubles and a runed reputation in Shut in.


* Corlina Herfast (Sasserine)

CN Female Elf Expert 3 (129)

A dancer, formerly with the Peace Circus. Married to Roctar Herfast, mistress of Volin Krober.

File:Corlina Herfast.jpg

* Darrin Tealpeck (Sasserine)

LN Male Human Cleric 4 (We Jas)(127)

A faithful cleric of We Jas, first met in Mad God's Key, then as an inheritor in Tealpeck's Flood. Handsome but quiet and modest.


Denethan, Father (Sasserine)

Priest of St Cuthbert in Bearden's Hollow. (91)

* Aeleth Terellia (Sasserine)

CN Female Elf Bard 8 (107)

Dorathar (speaker) or the elven exile village of Mellorn, near Sasserine. Made Mellorn join Sasserine at Pyrotess' urgings and came before the council to pledge her loyalty, but has been strangely cold since. Involved in the secret of the Mellorn's Fair of Life.


Dranys Sellis

Hardworking smith and carpenter in Farshore. N Male dwarf expert 2. Dungeon (143, The Club)

Eldara Lilybrok (Sasserine)

Necromancer, Vecna cultist. Met in Funeral Procession. Put on trial, but escaped. (135).


Eural Dunaman

Head councilman in Bearden's Hollow. (91)

Feres, Father

A priest of Hieroneous, but not of a martial bent, Father Feres claims to have lead a quiet life of servitude and prayer in Sasserine. He was a messenger making a delivery to Fort Greenrock, where he was inplanted with a Slaad egg. This was about to hatch but was removed by Jennikki. He was strongly suspected of being a fake cleric. He left the ship in Renkrue, ostantaiously to start a mission there.


* Gahrlef (Sasserine)

CG Male Elf Ranger 3 (107)

Rescued from spiders during Mellorn Hospitality, Gahrlef kept a cool attitude at first but soom warmed to the party and became very friendly after they became heroes, acting as an advocate of sorts.



Female Human Ranger 6.

Chief of Tanaroa villaige on the Isle of dread. A very old Olman and vizened woman.


NG Male Human Cleric (Pelor) 6

Found turned to stone in Tamoachan; saved and restored to flesh before the battle of Farshore. Member of the The Green Gargoyles (Caradok, Geogrio , Lavacindu ).

Greffold Fiddlebitter

Potter in Farshore. CN Male halfling expert 3. (143)

Grildy (Sasserine)

Gnome mechanist in Sasserine. Builds cannon and handguns, especially mechanisms for same. Cinnamon's mechanics teacher.

Gut Tugger (Sasserine)

Rowyn's pet felldrake.


Harliss Javell

Scarlet corsair captain met at Cracken's Cove. Negotiated with the heroes there. Part of the Crimson Fleet. Not present at the attack on Farshore. Met again during the first visit to Scuttlecove, where she proved an ally. (140)


* Heldrath Kellani (Sasserine)

Matron of Kellani family, mother of Rowyn and Ceseli Kellani. Died after events in Locked In.


Henri d'Aventhal, Prince

Council member, Great Kingdom noble in exile. LE Male human Aristocrat 2/Fighter 7

Although prince Henri still want to move home, he is starting to realize he must first build a war-chest. To that end he is trying to build a cash-crop plantation on Temute using "indentured" pirates as labor. (104) Used Rowyn Kellani to capture a band of escaped pirates, after which she became his mistress.

Hevrik Aldwattle, Professor

Council member in Farshore. CG male human wizard 6/expert 2. (143, Witchwardens)

Hilda Swenten

Farmer from Farshore. NG female human commoner 4. (143 Sun Lodge)

Irewyn Isendale (Sasserine)

Mother of Aiken, stepmother and mentor of Jennikki. (91)

* Irontusk (Sasserine)

Barbarian, immigrant from the north

NE male halforc barbarian 2 (114)

Robbed Theldrats store and stole the magic key in The Key (114)

Jeran Emrikad

LN Human wizard 2/rogue 2. (143, Seekers)

Archivist in Farshore.

Kaskus Kiel

Jade Raven, Male Olman Human Druid from the Hellfurnaces. Tacturn, loves the Isle of Dread. Had a relationship with Jennikki. (141, 144)


Kera Gosalar (Sasserine)

High priestess of Pelor in Sasserine, member of the Sun Lodge. (139)

Kira Willowtop (Sasserine)

Lady of the cartographer's guildhall in Sasserine. (139)

* Kroga Brax (Sasserine)

CE male human commoner 2

A baker in Arena District, Krogar is an excellent baker but a horrible person who oppresses his family. (129)

Lavina Vanderboren

Team patron. (140, 144)



CG Male Elf Sorcerer 3/Fighter1

Found turned to stone in Tamoachan; saved and restored to flesh before the battle of Farshore. Member of the The Green Gargoyles (Caradok, Geogrio , Lavacindu).

Lelfan (Sasserine)

Human druid in Sasserine. Jennikki's mentor in the Sun Lodge.

Lertold (Sasserine)

Mage interested in guns. Brought up the subject with Lady Red. Friend of Grildy.

Liamae Teslikaria

Jade Raven, Sorceress/Favored Soul. Reserved, bewildered. Has a relationship with Peter Blood characterized more by lust than feelings.



Former thug, presently sailor. Part of the Sea Wyvern Crew. Thug in Box of Flumph, spared because she surrendered to a summoned lynx. Worked as a Hearse boat rower after recommendation and finally joined the crew of the Sea Wyvern.

* Lucian Cruzgar (Sasserine)

CN male human fighter 4/ranger 2. (129, 149)

A veteran of the greyhawk Wars, who came home to Sasserine only to be involved in the Oqoun - Cabanite war. Surviving thee conflicts he made a small fortune for himself as a painter, but fell more and more to drink. Lucian was a wretch of a man living on the edge. Having resolved the War of the Wielded, he found some measure of peace, but he still drinks too much and paints too little. Friend to Pyrotesse, who has somewhat taken him under her wing.

File:Lucian Kruzgar.jpg

Lux Seoni, High Warden (Sasserine)

Mistress of the Witchwardens. (139)

Maflus Fairwind

Innkeeper in Farshore. N Male human bard 4. (143 Azure Cathedral)

Manthalay Meravanchi

Council member, marshal of Farshore. LN male human aristocrat 3/fighter 6. (143 Zelkarune's Horns, Dawn council)


Zombie master of Tanarooa village on the Isle of Dread. N Male Human Cleric 6.

Noltus Innersol, Father

Missionary, council member. NG male human cleric 8 (Pelor) (145, Sun Lodge). Deseaced.

Osten Ranicle (Sasserine)

Owner of the Sand Crab in Shadowshore, Sasserine. Sourly and private, but honorable. (118)

Radore Adoss

Sea Wyvern Crew

Sailor recruited for her tattooing skill. Pretty, develpoping skills as a sailor. Abducted by demons and saved (142). Had her traumatic memories removed in a Virginity ritual. (Sun Lodge, Sea Wyvern Crew)

File:Rodara Adoss.png


Pelorian lizardfolk leader Male lizardfolk ranger 5/ cleri 4 (Pelor) (144)

Close aide to Noltus Innersol and inheritor of his position as cheif pelorian among the lizardfolk, Rissashtak is genuinely devout and a believer.

* Roctar Herfast (Sasserine)

CN male human warrior 4

Strongman at the Arena, formerly of the Peace Circus. Married to Corlina Herfast.

Rowyn Kellani

Vanthus' lover, founder of Lotus Dragons. On trial. Escaped to become a vengeful stowaway on the Sea Wyvern. Marooned and picked up by the Crimson Fleet, she joined the attack on Farshore, escaped once again, and became an outlaw on Temute. (139) She then betrayed her pirate fellows and charmed Prince Henri into accepting her honorable surrender, and is currently his mistress.


Ruby the Weaver

Weaver in Farshore. Saved by and has a crush on Aiken. NG female human expert 2. (143)

Ruphus Laro, Father (Sasserine)

Cheif priest of St Cuthbert in Sasserine (139).

Sarim Pepper, Captain

Captain of the Angelina, aided during Box of Flumph (118). Captained the Blue Nixie on the trip to the Isle of Dread.


* Sartanis Rayblade

Cabbanite Boss. Female half-elf Sorceress 4. (149)

Silas (Sasserine)

Raven familar to Eldara Lilybrok, aided by Cinnamon.


Peter Blood's wolf animal companion.


A shifty stranger to Sasserine who constantly looks over his own shoulder, something about Skald seems to be out of this world. Revealed to be a half fay and a refugee. Died against the Flotsam Ooze.


Soller Vark

Smuggling thug, arrested but pardoned after using the Blue Nixie to smuggle animals. Entlisted as protection against Lotus Dragon revenge, first with the Jade Ravens, then on the Sea Wyvern. (139, Sea Wyvern Crew, Azure Cathedral)

File:Soller vark.png

* Swan, Sergeant (Sasserine)

NG male human fighter 3 (militant)

Sergeant in the Merchant District guard. Friendly and outgoing. Met in The Key (114)

* Syrus (Sasserine)

CN male satyr deceiver 3

Had a brush with evil during Mellorn Hospitality. Still lacking in empathy, but tries to atone, and took a job with Saree to prove his devotion.

Tavey Nesk

Cabin boy. Was a survivor and is now second mate on the Sea Wyvern. (142)

File:Tavey Nesk.png

Teherik Arrelion

Tanner in Farshore. CG Male human ranger 4. (143)

Telda Syren

CG female half-elf expert 4 (143)

Council member in Farshore, Apotechary.

* Teriam Trust (Sasserine)

LN Male Human Expert 4 (146)

A servant that risked all to rescue his master in Meenlock Prison, only to find the master was already dead. Now works as a secretary and manservant to Pyrotesse.


* Theldrat (Sasserine)

Locksmith in Merchant District N male human expert 4 (114)

Locksmith and owner of magic key. Helped in The Key.

* Therav (Sasserine)

LN Male Human Exp 5

Traveling glass merchant, quite successful. Escorted by the players during Mellorn Hospitality, he was abducted by the night hag but freed by the heroes.



Former Crimson Pirate Liason CE male theifling rogue 12 (145)

Tolin Kientai

Leader of the Jade Ravens, half elf ranger/fighter, brash and handsome. Was sex-changed into a woman in the Amedio Jungle (141) but still has a taste for women. Tried to woo Lavina Vanderboren as both a man and a woman and failed. Romance with Cinnamon. Developed his abilities as a fighter rather than a ranger. (140, 143).


* Trelib Medani, Baron (Sasserine)

NG male half-elf rogue 7/master inquisitive 2 (133)

The baron is an immigrant from the north, the younger brother of a successful lawman in Greyhawk City. Coming to Sasserine, he peddled his prestige into a position as chief inquisitive and proceeded to try and build a network of inquisitives to police the city.



Unknown, Nymph half demon (95)

Cooperated with the players during Poryphory House of Horror and ended up owning the place. Thrall of Grazt. Masochist.



Flump patriarch, Sorcerer. Had his family kidnapped in Box of Flumph (118).


Ulvar Kabbanja, Captain

Farshore militia Captain, council member. LG male human fighter 5. (143, The Club, Zelkarune's Horns)

Urol Forol

A naturalist and lesser druid, Urol claims to have been to the Isle of Dread before, though he was forced to leave prematurely. As talkative as most gnomes, but not as glib, and constantly carries an aroma of musty swamps around with him. (141)


Vanthus Vanderboren

Recurring villain, Lavina Vanderboren's brother. Transformed into a demon and slain in the attack on Farshore. (139, 143).


Vesserin Catherly, Chaplain

Chaplain and council member. NG male half-elf cleric 6 (St Cuthbert). (143, The Club)

* Victor St. Germain (Sasserine)

CN male human expert 2/swashbuckler 3/master inquisitive 4

A famous lawman in Sasserine, Victor was originally an orphan from Shadowshore. Becoming a great man despite his origin, he demanded limitless respect, and when his suit to Zelina Medani was refused, something seems to have snapped for him and he became a villain. (133)

Vinkain Kabanja

Ship's carpenter on the Sea Wyvern. Human from Sasserine.

* Volin Krober (Sasserine)

CG male elf bard 3/ranger 2/expert 2

Performer and animal trainer, formerly of the Peace Circus. Lover of Corlina Herfast. (129)

Zan Odalvin

Jade Raven, Dwarf Rogue. Fascinated by blades. Discontented in Fashore; longs for city life. (140, 143)


Zebula Meravanchi (Sasserine)

Lord of the rakish Meravachi family in Sasserine. Father of Avner Meravanchi and brother of Manthalay Meravanchi. (139)

* Zelina Medani (Sasserine)

CG female halfelf rogue 4 (133)

The heir to house Medani and a budding inquisitive in her own right, Zelina was taken hostage by Victor St. Germain.


* Ziki (Sasserine)

CN Female elf Rogue

Arrested for multiple murders around the Bluebird inn in the Arena District. (129)