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Canny illusion

Trigger Action (Defense)

When someone interacts with an illusion you have created and you are aware of this, you can use Canny illusion to adapt your illusion to the scrutiny it is receiving. This increases the difficulty of interacting with your illusion by +3, or replaces the difficulty with you Dodge +3, whichever is best. This often comes up when an illusion achieved a Setback and the observer is trying to circumvent the effect of that Setback.


Trigger Action (Defense)

Your Dodge increases by +3 for the current shot. If you are missed, you become hidden, even in a location where you do not have concealment. When your shot comes up you must seek cover to continue to Sneak.

Mirror Image

Basic Action

You create 3 mirror images, illusions of yourself that stay in your immediate vicinity and act as if they were you. You gain a bonus to Dodge equal to the number of images you have at the moment, but not against area attacks. Each attack which misses you causes one image to disappear. The images otherwise last for a scene, or until you dismiss them, another Basic Action. The images are obvious, which makes them obnoxious in many situations. Remember that skill bonuses do not stack, this is not cumulative with other Dodge bonuses.

Monkey Roll

Trigger Action (Result)

After you have been damaged by an attack, you can use Monkey Roll to roll with the punch to reduce the damage. Make a move in the general direction of the attack (the attacker can control the direction if he is aware of your ability). Add your Reflexes and Body together to soak this attack.

If the attack is a throw or causes knockback, Monkey Roll supersedes this; ignore any involuntarily move or shot loss.