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Ablative Clothing


When in action, events conspire to show off your body. Blows miss you by the sheerest margin, slashing your outfit. Branches conspire to rip your clothes. Claws gore dress instead of flesh. This schtick is just as common among hunks and babes. Conan has it, as does many fantasy barbarians and bimbos in all genres.

Use this schtick to ignore the effects of any one physical attack or stunt. You can also use it to ignore difficult ground or other adverse terrain effects, in which case you can ignore such conditions for one Round. This rips up your clothes beyond repair. You cannot use this schtick while naked or in ripped clothes, and can only use it once per session - you generally manage to find a new outfit for the next session, tough you may have to adopt local dress.

Once you have used this you are as naked as the genre will allow. Any function your clothes once had is gone. You no longer have any armor. This can serve to activate Bulletproof Nudity if you have that schtick.


Basic Action

You can use the Sense Motive stunt as a Basic Action, but you still need to observe your target in a social context. You can only attempt Acumen once per scene on a particular target, but you can also use Sense Motive in the same scene.



You are a character actor, well able to maintain a role. You like to immense yourself in your assumed persona, and seem able to change your personality and demeanor on cue. When you use Acting you are Confident. You can disguise yourself as a different race, gender or as a specific person as long as you can conceal any obvious physical differences; your method acting convinces people to overlook minor oddities in your appearance.

Beauty Mask


The Crying Freeman has this schtick, and any character can have it in almost any juncture.

This schtick gives a sort of anonymity, even when not in disguise. Your features are idealized and forgettable. People can't seem to remember just exactly what you looked like when giving a description, tought they will readily recognize you if you meet again. They know someone was there, but they just can't think of what you looked like. "He looked kinda like a movie star."

If an observer or interrogator spends a Limit Break, an opposed Charm gives a basic description.


Limit Break

Use this when you are with someone who trusts you implicitly and has lowered his guard to you and who you can hold or embrace without them resisting you. You can do a Finisher against your target, just as if you had just defeated him in combat, or you can put them at zero Hits and defeated.

Blind Eye

Trigger Action

Win an opposed Charm check to convince the target that something it would normally not accept is in fact acceptable. The target turns a blind eye to the problem and acts normally despite the situation. The target overlooks what would normally be unacceptable identity, behavior, or appearance, going so far as to ignore rules and social conventions. The target turns a blind eye to a single situation and its direct natural repercussions. For example, having accepted a barbarian at a cocktail party, the target will not react to that barbarian again until he does something truly outrageous. Any direct threat of harm breaks the charm.

Captivating Captive


When you are a captive or otherwise helpless or at the mercy of your opposition, you can focus.

Consummate Charm


When you make a successful Charm stunt to affect an opponent, add +3 to your Outcome. This works as if you had Advantage which means it stacks with anything else. Outcome is commonly used to determine if you score a Setback.


Limit Break

You are at home in all cultures, able to understand and adopt to strange manners and customs. Negate any penalties on Charm or Impress rolls related to alien cultures. You know the common languages of your world. Add your Charm to the number of Languages you can learn. You have an amazing ability to piece together bits of other languages, sign language and other means of communication. As a limit Break you can learn to communicate in any one unknown language. At first, this will be at a pidgin level, it takes you a few weeks to become fluent. If you use this ability to learn more Languages than allowed, you need to trim the list down at the end of the Story. You might have to use this schtick again (another Limit Break) to understand arcane subjects, archaic versions, or dialects of the same language.



There is something about you that makes others care for you. Depending on their personality, this might make them want to kidnap and possess you or just give you a smile and favorable treatment. You automatically have at least the minimal effect on Good Impression on everyone you meet, making them see you as special and pleasant to be with. This makes it easy for you to get into social events, make acquaintances, and generally be very popular in a non-domineering sort of way.


Basic Action

You can make a Good Impression or Taunt against a crowd of your Reflexes creatures at once. As an alternative you can make such a stunt against a single creature and be Confident on the roll.

Fainting Flower


Whenever you are affected by a stunt or take damage, you can choose to ignore the effect and instead swoon beautifully. This costs you all shots for this round, but lets you ignore all damage while swooning. Enemies can use Trigger Actions (Finishers) against you, as long as you do not take further damage from them.

Fainting Flower does not help against truly indiscriminate dangers such as a bomb or rockfall, tough it does help against normal area attacks. Nor can you use this schtick to defend against attempts to capture, carry away, or otherwise take possession of you; in fact you are helpless against such attacks; your Dodge is zero against them for the remainder of the round. You cannot use this to escape confinement or whatever nefarious death-traps you might be placed in while in a swoon.


Basic Action

You have a knack for gambling. Cinematic gambling has little to do with real-world gambling, and is not about calculating odds and folding at the right time; it is all about absurd luck. This schtick gives you the ability to draw just the right card to fill out your glorious hand or to give your race horse that little extra burst of speed. You can take a Basic Action to learn the difficulty of a certain proposed task. You make Confident Rolls when gambling. Whenever you have a bet hanging on an event you can make a Charm check and substitute the result for whatever skill check would normally determine success. You don't need to be the one performing this action, this is an aspect of your luck.

Help From My Friends


When surrounded by friends, championing their cause, you gain confidence. When within Charm meters of 8 or more people that support your actions, wish you well, and generally are on your side, you can focus.

Honest Joe

Finisher or Basic Action

You have a way with people, and inspire trust and confidence without really trying to. Any basically good and law-abiding people gladly give you a hand, though there must be a reason if they are to accept discomfort or danger to help you. This lets you charm people without really trying to, and tends to make you a leaders of mobs and posses. You may come into conflict with official authority figures. Sometimes, you can even inspire this trust in goons and villains, but usually only after you have soundly trounced them.

You can make a roll to find Common Ground when you defeat an opponent [Finisher], when you rescue someone from danger, and upon first meeting good-natured, law-abiding people [Basic Actions]. The common ground you find revolves around being decent to people; an enemy will at least consider a decent life if you succeed on this.


Limit Break

You can convincingly pass yourself off as a nondescript follower. To use this ability, you temporarily stop playing. Your character is presumed to have donned a disguise and gone "off camera". At any subsequent point during play you may choose any nameless, filler character (a villain’s minion, a bellboy in the hotel, the cop who just pulled you over) in a scene and reveal that that character is actually you in disguise. Make an opposed Charm roll against the most skilled opponent on the scene. If this roll succeeds, you get to pick an NPC minion who is really you in disguise. If the roll fails, the opposition chooses who you are replacing, which can often put you in a dangerous position.

You may remain in disguise for as long as you like, but if anyone is tipped off that you might be nearby, an opposed Charm roll can be performed as a Limit Break. If the spotter wins, that player (or GM) gets to decide what nameless character on the scene you infiltrated as - and generally does so when you are alone and vulnerable.

Influential Friend


You have a friend in a high places. This can be a king, recognized hero, high official, monster, or even a god. You are childhood friends, accidental acquaintances, lovers, or otherwise know each other privately.

Inclined to act in your favor, an influential friend has many other obligations and this makes him unreliable. Your friend likes you and wants to correspond with you and spend time with you, but is aware that showing you preferential treatment is somewhat irresponsible and thus does not provide all the support he could. He will give plenty of hints, rumors, and tidbits of information as well as the occasional gift and favor. Pressuring an influential friend for more help may produce grand results in the short term, but can easily backlash. At times, your influential friend might need your help, having you act secretly as their agent in the world.



You are an inspiration to others. Whenever someone else performs an action that you heartily endorse, you can use Inspiration to give them a Fortune point they must immediately spend. You lose this Fortune point as if you spent it yourself. This schtick can even be used when you are not present, but you then need to describe a montage of something you did or told them that can inspire them in the current crisis.

Lip Reading

Basic Action

You have the ability to decipher what people are saying merely from looking at their lips moving. As long as you can get a reasonably good view of a speaker's lips and know the language, you can get the gist of what is said. Certain parts may be obscure or missing, depending on your skill roll and the needs of the plot.


Limit Break

You are sensitive to psychic impressions, and can often catch the mood of a place and get glimpses of important events that happened there in the past. Make a Charm check to seek answers, which works much like Gather Information, only the answers are colored by the place instead of people.



You are able to help the sick and injured through care and nursing. You can do First Aid using Charm instead of Know. If you have the Medic or Psychology schticks, you can use these with Charm as well.


Limit Break

You have a protector, usually a Hero Extra with 2/3 of your points who looks out for your interest and will accompany you on adventures. Often somewhat dim witted, he is nonetheless a loyal defender and trusty companion. He generally thinks of himself as the true hero and you as the sidekick to be protected. Your protector need not be a specific person, and can actually be someone you had never seen before you met at the adventure site, or one of the villains henchmen overcome by your charms. You often get separated from your protector early in the story, but he generally reappears in the dramatic scene, having made his way into the den of evil to rescue you just as he is needed (when you take the limit break). You can also use a Limit Break to inspire your protector, restoring any Hits he might have taken. After a rescue, he will expect some measure of attention and devotion from you, just as if you had seduced him.



You are successful in business and thus financially independent. And you can do it again; if you was washed up on a pacific island, you would be king of the clamshells (or whatever) in a day or two.

Silver Tongue

Limit Break

People tend to tell you things, and you tend to learn more than they intended from what they say. You can make an opposed Charm roll to make a character say way to much, even if they are on their guard. When you Gather Information the roll is routine, and you can do this directly against the character you are investigating without causing undue suspicion.


Trigger Action (Defense)

When you would be hoodwinked by a successful Charm, you can adopt a skeptical attitude and actively defend yourself. This gives you a +3 bonus to your Charm where your Charm skill sets the difficulty. You also give the +3 bonus to yourself and others when you do the Social Support stunt. At any time, when an interaction based on deception fails, you realize which statements were lies but you do not learn the truth.

Sleight of Hand

Basic Action

Your training gives yous several advantages when trying to use Palm Object.

In any situation where you can use Palm Object, the Charm check is routine. You can swipe an object that is larger than your hand, is in use, or that is closely supervised, but then the check is not Routine.

Spin Yarn

Basic Action

By continually speaking, you may keep your audience captive with outrageous tales, distracting them. You can keep this up beyond all reason. You must first engage the victim in conversation, and then make an opposed Charm roll. You can target several people at once with no penalties, but use the highest value in the audience for a difficulty.

For each point of outcome, you keep going for a minute. You can then try again. If the outcome exceeds your victims' Mind, they give you some boon, either out of sympathy or in an effort to get away.

Failing the roll, combat, an alarm, and even a person coming to interrupt will break your hold on people. If the situation is not dire, you can use your Spin Yarn on someone who comes to interrupt to add them to your audience.

Star Stuff

Basic Action & Inherent

You are an expressive performer who can enthrall an audience and inspire a great range of emotion. You are famous in your field, and can easily get into social events or arrange performances. You can take a Basic Action to set the mood for a scene among people who are listening to you. This effect are obvious in the extreme. Interaction rolls that go along with the emotion you set become Routine. This can be done anywhere, tough it is easier and the affected area is larger when you are on stage due to the first ability of this schtick. You can also use a Basic Action to familiarize yourself with any kind of Performance Art to the point where you can perform it on stage.

When on stage performing, you are supremely confident. Any Charm rolls you make while on stage are Confident Rolls. This is an inherent effect.

Steal the Story

Trigger Action

While another individual attempts to give an account of an event or use Charm as a basic action or limit break, you can make an opposed Charm check to deftly interject comments or statements over the course of the storytelling that cause the individual to muddle specific details. This will discredit, insult, and humiliate the speaker. If the check succeeds, the speaker does not succeed at informing listeners about what she was trying to say and the attitude of anyone who heard the altered story becomes suspicious. If your Charm check fails the target realizes that you made deliberate attempts to confuse the story.

The Kiss

Basic Action, Focus

You dramatically kiss someone adjacent to you. This is a romantic kiss, not an inconspicuous peck on the cheek. The kissed creature then has the option to reciprocate your kiss - in which case you both become focused. Otherwise this has no effect.