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Greyhawk for 4E

Humans are the dominant race of Greyhawk, even after the resurge of the fey. This means humans need to be treated in greater detail than in most D&D campaigns. These variants of the basic human differ in details, but follow the general humans on humans as outlined in the Player’s Handbook, including the bonus feeat and extra at-will power. There are three differences besides purely cultural traits. Attributes are specified, with a +2 bonus to two different attributes. Bonus skills are specified to one of a short list – not to class skills. In some cases the second language is specified as well.

Racial Traits

The originally nomadic Baklunish people are now mostly settled, but the traits of the horse-riders are still with them; small and wiry with sharp eyes always on the horizon – or looking for divine revelation.

  • Attribute bonuses: +2 Dex, +2 Wis
  • Recommended classes: Cleric, Fighter, Paladin, Ranger
  • Cultural classes: Cleric, Ranger, Wizard
  • Languages: Common, Baklunish.
  • Bonus Skills: One of Endurance, History, Nature, or Perception.


The Baklunish gods are impersonal; more ideals than personalities

Istus The pantheon is headed by Istus, but she rarely intervenes and her teachings concern few. Day-to-day affairs are handled by more practical gods.

Al'Akbar A title meaning simply ”the great”, Al’Akbar was a prophet that led the Baklunish after the invoked devastation, helping them survive as a people and to maintain their traditions and lore. His faith is still very popular, especially among city people.

Geshtai The goddess of water, and hence of fertility, Geshtai is much loved but little respected. She has many shrines but few mosques.

Sevelkhar the Waster The dark wind of the desert, the draught, the scourging sand – Sevelkhar is only worshipped to placate him. He has shrines at the sites of disasters and in the deep desert.

Zuoken The prophet of mastery, Zouken is an ideal for all seeking perfection, especially in the arts of war.

Ralishaz The prophet of chance and madness, Ralishaz is a warning that strivings can go wrong and a temptation to find the grain of truth in madness. He has no mosques and few shrines.

Mouqol The lord of glibness, high master, lord of the bazaar. Again, a little-regarded but popular god.

Xan Yae The goddess of moderation and balance seek to avoid extremes, teaching that happiness is found inside once balance is achieved. She is a servant of Istus.