Tarizdun (Greyhawk 4E)

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Greyhawk for 4E

Chaotic Evil

Tharizdun is the chaotic evil god who created the Abyss. He is not mentioned in the Player’s Handbook or named in the Monster Manual, because the fact of his existence is not widely known. A few scattered cults of demented followers revere him, calling him the Chained God or the Elder Elemental Eye. Tharizdun doesn’t speak to his followers, so his commands are unknown, but his cults teach their members to:

  • Channel power to the Chained God, so he can break his chains.
  • Retrieve lost relics and shrines to the Chained God.
  • Pursue the obliteration of the world, in anticipation of the Chained God’s liberation.

Tarizdun has no avatars; he lacks the power to manifest in any form. His exarchs are mercilessly persecuted when discovered; Wastri the hopping prophet and Ralishaz the god of madness and misfortune are his only currently active exarchs, and their true allegiance is not known.

Divine Death Throes Feat Power
In the moment of defeat, you surrender your soul to oblivion and let your master touch reality for a brief moment.
Free Action      Close Burst 1 (burst 2 at 11th, burst 3 at 21st)
Target: You and all creatures in burst.

Trigger: You are brought to 0 hp or below.

Effect: The target takes 1d10 damage. Increase the damage to 2d10 on 11th level and to 3d10 at 21st level.