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Greyhawk for 4E


Yondalla is the ancestral mother of the halflings, a goddess of rivers, travel, trade, and diplomacy. She teaches that violence is a fool’s last resort and that it is better to try and talk with a clear escape route than to stand fast and fight. She is revered by halflings, merchants, travelers, and river-folk. Her wisdom includes this:

  • Talk to everyone and listen more than you talk.
  • Avoid lies and outright cheating, but ply on the expectations of your listeners. Treat a wise listener with respect.
  • Always have one foot in the boat – or other means of escape.

Yondalla has low esteem among the elder races – she is only known to the dwarves, and to them he is Vengadain, god of suspicion, trickery, and trade. The Flan know him as Alliuir the god of propriety, while the Baklunish know him as Mouqol. She gladly helps others to learn her wisdom, and has exarchs in all the human pantheons. Zilchus is the Oerdian god of prestige, money, and influence, Fharlanghn the Oerdian god of travel and roads. Osprem is the Suel god of the sea and sea voyages.

Divine Rescue Feat Power
Yondalla smiles upon you and helps you rescue a friend in need.
Move Action      Melee 1
Target: One ally.

Effect: Shift into the space of an adjacent ally; that ally simultaneously shifts into your space. Your space and your ally’s space must be the same size.