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Attributes for humans are normally in the 4-8 range, with 5 considered average. Extreme cases go from 9-12. People living under harsher conditions, where an attribute is constantly tested, have an average of 7 rather than 5. Heroic characters generally have attributes in the 5-10 range. An attribute of 11 or more is considered superhuman. Animals and monsters have a much larger attribute spread over species, while each species tends to be internally fairly consistent, with variations of more than two points from the norm being rare.

All attributes are logarithmic. This means that an attribute increase of three points are "twice as good", while an increase of ten points is "ten times as good". What constitutes "twice as good" is not always easy to see, however.


A gauge of strength, endurance, mass and sheer physical power. Body is closely tied to size, and larger creatures tend to have higher body.


Mind is a measure of presence, reasoning, and willpower. It is mainly used with mystic powers, social interaction, and to resist mental powers. It is also a measure of "luck", or if you will the ability to concentrate and to anticipate the unpredictable.


A measure of speed, power to weight ratio, and motor control. Its main use is in initiative, but it is also used to resist various physical stunts and falling damage. Smaller creatures tend to have higher Reflexes.


Your running speed. In combat rounds, this is the number of meters you can move with a single action. In a chase, you move much faster than this, see the benchmarks in the Move writeup. There is much less individual variation in Move than in the other attributes, generally, all members of a race have the same Move.