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Analyze Force

Basic Action

You can analyze the properties of Force powers. You learn the exact effect, form, and technique of the power.

You can also find and understand other forces, natural or otherwise, using this power. You can gain information about the mechanics of power-generating engines or devices, the statics of intricate architecture, the equilibrium of forces in a static system and so on.

Craft Force

Basic Action

You can create simple objects out of intangible force fields. You can make these items semitransparent or merely translucent, but not fully solid-looking. They glow, but you can make this glow so faint it is only visible in the dark. In this way, you can create basic tools, arms, and armor of no more than Blacksmith sophistication. These items' hardness exceeds that or normal metal but they lack a certain solidity and they perform as ordinary items of their type. The duration is minutes equal to the Action Result. The difficulty is the Toughness of the item; weapons and armor are made for a specific creature and have a difficulty equal to they damage or toughness they grant.

Force Armor

Basic Action

Your target's skin is protected by a very tight and form-fitting force field. He gains 2 points of armor, increasing Toughness. The armor shimmers and is easy to see, but does not alter appearance. You can target yourself in this way. Force Armor lasts for one scene. You can maintain this armor on yourself between scenes, but not on others; to protect others you must use it in or right before an action scene. Force Armor also acts to keep out hostile environments for its duration, but the air inside the armor is fouled after one scene and needs to be renewed.

Force Tools

Basic Action

You create specialized tools made of tangible force fields and powered by telekinesis. You design these tools with a specific Create task in mind, and the tools will help you perform this task, allowing you to do things that would normally require specialized tools and/or knowledge to do, such as a machine shop or Safecracking and Security. However, you do not get any raw materials, knowledge, contacts, or other resources you'd normally get, and your power use may leave clues for others to follow.

Portal Seal

Basic Action

You seal a door, portal, or even a narrow tunnel with a field of force. The sum of the opening's height and with in meters cannot exceed your Mind. The sealed object gains a Dodge equal to your Create. If it is fitted with a lock or other security, it now requires an Outcome matching your Mind to defeat that security. When used to seal an open passage such as a corridor or doorless portal, or used on a door that is less robust than this, the barrier has a Toughness equal to your Create. A portal seal is permanent until dispelled. You can open your own Portal Seal without dispelling it. You can give the seal a key, an item, password, gesture, or even physical description that opens it.

Wall of Force

Basic Action, Trigger Action

You can create or remove a wall of night-invulnerable force. A wall of force is transparent and permits speech and interactions, but hinders powers and stops attacks. The wall lasts for a scene unless destroyed. If the placement of the wall needs to be very precise, such as between two melee combatants, this may require a Create against Maneuver. As a basic action you can create a flat force wall up to 3 by 3 meters. You can spend multiple basic actions to build a large continuous force field, but no dimension of such a force field can be more than your Create in meters. If you create a continuous barrier hedging an area in the horizontal plane, you can create a roof and floor as well with no additional effort. A continuous wall counts as a single effect for dispelling and destroying. The wall is stationary relative to its frame of reference—if created on a vehicle it moves with that vehicle. It is unaffected by gravity and can be placed wholly or partially inside material objects. Any creature inside the wall when it appears is pushed to either side of it—the creature chooses which side. If your become unconscious or your concentration is broken (typically a Setback) the wall disappears. If it takes damage matching twice your Create it disappears, but you can choose to take a Trigger Action to sustain the wall, exerting yourself to increase the limit to three times your Create for the current shot. It can be broken with a Feat of Strength by Body matching your Create.