Marine Characters (Dragonstar)

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There are several requirements and benefits for Marine characters. Marines:

  • must qualify for a MOS.
  • are issued with basic gear and weapons.
  • can purchase encouraged equipment from the Corps at half cost in credits (full XP cost)
  • can take a loan from the Corps in order to aquire more encouraged equipment.
  • are undergoing Marine Training
  • are eligible for Advanced Training.

Encouraged equipment includes Spellware, scrollware, robot upgrades, personal gear, and vehicles.

See the Imperial Marine Corps page for more information.

Personal Equipment

Marines are issued with the following equipment:

  • Longarm: Assault laser with integral grenade launcher.
    • Replaced with Assault Carbine for small personel.
  • Sidearm: Laser pistol
  • Combat fatigues (light armor)
  • Battle armor (medium armor), to be worn with combat fatigues
  • Personal communicator

The flip side is that Marines are required to carry and use this gear. While personal wepons are allowed (such as Hick's shotgun in Aliens), Marines are required to wear their standard issue uniform and armor 1. Thus, Wizards and Monks make poor grunts.

Marine Training

All Marines undergo continous training. As long as a charcater in on active duty in the Marine, he gains the following virtual feats:

  • Light Armor proficiency.
  • Medium Armor proficiency. If the Marine already knows this feat, he gains Armor Mobility instead.
  • High-Tech Ranged Martial Weapon Proficency. If the Marine already has such proficency, he gains Point Blank Shot instead.

The Marine gains a +2 to career bonus to the following skills:

  • Climb
  • Freefall
  • Heal
  • Jump
  • Swim

Advanced Training

Characters who are a member of the Imperial Marine Corps all have Imperial Ranger as a favored class. As long as they remain with the corps, Imperial Ranger levels do not count against class limitations when calculating XP penalties. Ex-marines do not count Imperial Ranger levels for XP penalties as long as they do not advance further in the Imperial Ranger class.

1 Yes, you can use magic armor, provided it is magic M90 Medium Infantry Combat Armor.

Imperial Marine Corps | Character Creation