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Most of these classes have been slightly modified to work better in the setting. We are currently revising the character classes for the new DD3.5 rules, but this revision is not complete. The older versions of the classes are available in the second column below.

Class Note

Imperial Barbarian

Imperial tribal warrior

Imperial Bard

Bard with an expanded spell list

Imperial Cleric

No revision - just a compiled skill list

Imperial Druid

No revision - just a compiled skill list

Imperial Blackguard

Imperial core class variant of the blackguard

Imperial Fighter

Imperial version of the fighter

Imperial Monk

Imperial version of the monk

Imperial Paladin

Imperial version of the paladin

Imperial Prodigy

The professional elite of the Empire

Imperial Ranger

Imperial version of the ranger

Imperial Rogue

No revision - just a compiled skill list

Imperial Sorcerer

Sorcerer with expanded spell list

Imperial Wizard

Wizard with an expanded spell list


Mechanist with revised BAB


Pilot with revised BAB

Prestige classes are not used in the Dark Star campaign. This has lead to the need for some new rules (Spell Guide, Feat Guide, Class Guide, and House Rules) in order to preserve the integrity of the setting.

Visitors who use prestige classes may find these links of interest:

Presitige Classes