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Zakharan Magic Traditions

The wizards of Zakhara are much more aware of the nature of magic than their ajami cousins. The Zakharan wizard understands that magic is not merely a force that can be combined into spells, but may also be used to create special abilities and devices. This higher understanding of the nature of magic has done a great deal to expand the number of traditions available to the wizards of Zakhara.

The Law encourages everyone to develop their spiritual abilities, particularly fortune, but also magic and fu. Magical ability is thus a sign of spiritual development. Many mages are affiliated with different religious sects or movements, though they rarely venerate any of the gods in particular.

The traditions listed below are those to which a Zakharan native mage may aspire. Other traditions exist in other genres.


Specialized mages, often not considered mages at all, that work magic as a part of their daily lives, but who are not capable of the spectacular spells of the main magic traditions.


Artificers concentrate their abilities in creating wondrous magical artifacts, though their magic can be just as powerful as that of a spellslinging wizard, it is slower, more deliberate. They are therefore suitable as NPCs, and their magic as a plot element.


A Weaponsmith trains to gain an iron will and a very critical eye. Weaponsmiths identify and create legendary weapons.


Mageweavers peel cocoons for the silk within them. This silk is then woven into complex patterns which form the basis for a variety of spells.

Clockwork Mage

Clockwork mages have no ability to cast spells themselves, though they do know how to manipulate the energies that form spells. This has allowed them to work spells into devices that they create. These magical constructs are often quite complex and involve the use of clockwork devices.

Specialist Mages

Mages specializing is a single type of sorcery. Common, but usually not very powerful, they provide magical services for the common people of Zakhara.

Animal Mystics

Rustics who live in the wild with the animals they emulate.


Astrologers are wizards who look to the stars for their powers. They specialize in divination magic and are able to use the constellations to increase their power. They predict, and sometimes create, the future.


Almost every village has a wise-woman who can help crops and children grow with her charms.

Elemental Mage

Elemental Mages specialize in one of the four elemental provinces: sand, sea, flame, or wind. They gain great power and control within that province, but lose their ability to cast spells from any of the remaining three.


Hesabin are spellcasters well trained in the theoretical aspects of magic.

Evil Mages

Certain types of magic is considered evil, and practitioners are shunned all over Zakhara. In other parts of the world, these mages are often common and venerated. These traditions are absolutely not recommended for player characters.


The Saher, or Sorcerer is the "mage" of Zakhara; they represent the standard and most common form of spellcaster. In tune with the basic fabric of the real world, they understand the power of all the elements: earth in the form of desert sand, water in the waves of the sea, air in the free winds, and fire in the heat of rage and flames of passion.

Sahers are as common in Zakhara as standard mages are in other lands. For the most part, they are treated with the respect granted to any individual of unknown power and capability. In general, however, sahers are not considered as dangerous as sha'irs or elemental mages.


Sha'irs are regarded as enigmatic and powerful figures in the Land of Fate. They do not gain spells in the manner of other spell casters. Instead, they acquire their magics and enchantments through the workings of genies.


Many mystic center their meditations around the veneration of a god or goddess. Some actually worship several gods at the same time. The tenets of the Law forbids extreme forms of worship: sacrifice, mutilation, so most priestly mages are quiet, pious types.

There are many priest who are not mages, and it is by no means a requirement.

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